Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Conscious Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Giving With A Purpose


This year our Conscious Holiday Gift Guide features a collection of ethical brands dedicated to a healthy home, personal wellness, sustainable + ethical fashion, and a conscious lifestyle.

Whether its a decorative pillow hand spun with eco-conscious materials in the traditions of sisterhood across Columbia, a personal hydroponic garden for fresh greens and herbs, a mindful journal designed for reflection with the phases of the moon, water and air purifiers freeing your home of harmful toxins, or fashion spun from recycled yarn and plastic bottles, each product is crafted behind brand transparency and a mission to honor mother Earth and uplift ourselves and each other.

When you choose to purchase from an ethical brand and gift consciously this holiday season, you are gifting more than just an item for a loved one:

  1. You are aiding positive change and empowering others
  2. You are contributing to a healthier tomorrow
  3. You are supporting hundreds of makers, artisans and small businesses around the world
  4. You are ending the cycle of waste and aiding in a paradigm shift across industries for ethical practices and sustainable production for people and the planet.

Our hope for you this holiday season, is that you take the time to shop consciously, research brands and be selective in your purchasing power, choose quality over quantity and make it last. We are honored to share brands comprised of honesty, equal care for their product and their makers and the environment in which materials are sourced. These are the movers and the shakers, the ones that can see a better future by creating quality items to improve your health and wellness, decorate your home, add to your wardrobe, and fill your cup.

The conscious choices we make today can spin about extraordinary change for people and our planet.

If you feel called, we encourage you to purchase consciously this year. Find brands that are aligned with the vision you seek for the world, (or peek our gift guide for our top brands). Breaking the cycle of a non-circular economy doesn’t happen overnight, but with social awareness and conscious shopping, each one of us can move us closer to a better future for people and the planet.

Happy Holidays!

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