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About Us


Conscious Connection is a global collective of writers, artists, adventurers and business leaders dedicated to making an impact doing what we love. We’re committed to helping people achieve their potential and have a positive impact in the world.

We were founded on the idea that outward change begins at the inner level. Our purpose is to cultivate the consciousness of our readers and connect like minds to transformational ideas that can benefit our world. We’ve interviewed top performing Olympic Athletes, multiple Grammy Winning Musicians and feature a weekly column with advice from the world’s top sustainable business leaders, wellness experts and conscious lifestyle connoisseurs.

Who We Are

We’re digital storytellers dedicated to inspiring people to impact the world doing what they love. Everything we feature in our magazine has been exquisitely crafted and hand picked to serve your highest self.

As cultural creatives who value the planet and each other, we’re passionate about sharing the conscious connection with everyone.

We tell the stories of the people that are changing the world every day from the bottom up. Our aim is for our collective experiences to inspire you in the pursuit of your own dreams and impact goals.


Anthony Chiaravallo, Founder & Publisher

Anthony founded Conscious Connection in March of 2010 after a surf sabbatical with the vision to transform the world through the power for conscious media. As Publisher, he is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the magazine as well as our interviews, editorial content and Branded Partner Series

With a sixteen year career as a Digital Marketing Leader and CEO of Vallo Media, Anthony works with global brands to develop integrated marketing strategies that deliver impact and ROI at-scale. He received his Business Degree from Rider University and has spoken on marketing trends at conferences like SxSW, TEDx and Digiday.

At Conscious Connection, his work is dedicated to elevating discourse that leads to human flourishing and nurturing a sense of harmony among individuals — catalyzing profound shifts in how we treat each other and the planet.

Tara Barnett, Staff Writer

Tara joined our team in 2015, bringing her love of nature and passion for healthy living to our Conscious Lifestyle and Eco-Travel columns. With a deep-rooted appreciation for healing through herbs and natural remedies, Tara enriches our content with her insights into holistic well-being.

She began her career in New York City and later joined a local apothecary, where she immersed herself in the world of herbs and natural healing. When she’s not tending to her garden or writing, Tara enjoys hiking through serene woodlands, binge reading fantasy novels and daydreaming about new gluten free baking recipes.

Christopher Baldi, Staff Writer

Chris Baldi is a seasoned concert veteran, freelance journalist, and the driving force behind our Music Lifestyle Series. His passion for both music and travel has led him to cover some of the nation’s most renowned live acts. Over the years, Chris has conducted numerous interviews with musicians, providing readers with exclusive insights into their artistry and journeys.

Beyond his work in journalism, Chris is a professional screenwriter and script doctor, expertly crafting stories for the screen. He divides his time between Los Angeles and his hometown in New Jersey. His first novel, GRAND FINALE, was published in May 2023, and is available through Amazon KDP.



our editorial PROMISE

We have an Evidence-Based Editorial Policy which simply means if we haven’t experienced something—and loved it—our readers won’t find it in the digital pages of our publication.

In the era of fake news and mass media manipulation, our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity and are committed to only producing content that has your best self in mind.

Our mission driven approach to media harnesses the power of storytelling to elevate thinking, encourage conscious discussion and inspire real-world impact.