Conscious Connection was founded on the idea that global change starts at an individual level. Our purpose is to cultivate conscious thinking and connect like-minds to great ideas that can change our world. Our magazine is driven by three primary content pillars: inspiration, social business and the creative lifestyle. We’ve interviewed top performing Olympic Athletes, multiple Grammy Winning Musicians and feature a weekly column with advice from the world’s top Social Entrepreneurs. We compliment this inspirational content approach with eco-luxury lifestyle articles ranging from the most sustainable dive resorts in the Galapagos to where to get the best farm-to-table food in Stratton, Vermont.

Thanks to our mission-driven approach to media, we’ve had a social reach of over 20 million people in 2017.

who we are

Digital storytellers dedicated to inspiring people to change the world doing what they love. We are a global collective of writers, philosophers, adventurers and business leaders advocating for the triple bottom line and eco-creative living.

As cultural creatives ourselves, we value authentic experiences in pursuit of our impact goals. That’s why everything we feature in our magazine is written from direct experience and aims to serve our mission. We know that you, as a consciously aware citizen, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anthony Chiaravallo, Founder & Publisher

Anthony is a modern day eco-renaissance man with a passion for social business and a love of all things creative. Anthony handles the overall strategic direction of the magazine and conducts all of our acclaimed Enlightened Interviews. As an accomplished Digital Marketing Strategist and SVP at global PR firm, he also works with iconic brands in healthcare, consumer and CSR to develop integrated marketing strategies that deliver impact and ROI.

Anthony founded Conscious Connection in March of 2010 with the vision to inspire others to change the world doing what they love. He received his Bachelor’s of Business from Rider University and can often be found running Conscious Connection Magazine while on mountaineering expeditions or surfing exotic locations across the globe. Follow him on Twitter @anthonychiara.



our editorial promise

Our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity and promise to only share content that has your best self in mind. Our mission driven approach to media harnesses the power of storytelling to elevate thinking, encourage discussion and inspire real-world impact. 

We are firm believers in connecting people to the change they want to see in the world. We do this by speaking to your core values, and helping you to see that no matter where you are in the system, you have the ability to change it for the better.