At Conscious Connection, our mission is to empower people to be the change the world needs through the fulfillment of their life purpose. The content we produce is designed to achieve that goal for our readers by equipping them with the knowledge, inspiration and action steps needed to achieve their potential and impact the world doing what they love.

We work with a select group of dedicated writers and experts in the areas of social business, sustainability, eco-culture, health and the creative lifestyle. At this time we are not accepting guest posts, but welcome you to visit our content marketing solutions for opportunities to work with us. For existing staff writers, please reference the below contributor guidelines.

Writer Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to help your article achieve maximum impact with our readership. Kindly review each item to ensure they are incorporated into your article.

  • Content Overview: Content should be relevant, uplifting and accessible — filled with actionable advice, credible research and practical tips for our readership of cultural creatives. Listicles tend to perform really well with sub-heads and bullet points used throughout to make it easier for our readers to scan, share and implement key ideas.
  • Word Count: Anywhere from 650 – 1,500 words. If the audience is general consumers, shorter is usually best (between 600 – 1,200 words) where if the post is targeted towards business leaders, then it’s acceptable for slightly longer posts (between 850 – 1,600 words). Always try and be as concise as possible (avoid fluff) and use headings where appropriate so the content can be easily scanned.
  • Original Content: We ask that all posts submitted be unique and original to Conscious Connection. We do not accept posts that have been published or submitted elsewhere online, including a personal website or blog.
  • Sourcing / Links: We ask that writers please cite references where applicable to highly credible, third party sources and include links throughout your article which back up your claims. Always include at least 5 – 8 hyperlinks throughout your article to relevant studies and please interlink to other relevant Conscious Connection articles.
  • Article Formatting: Please review each of these items before beginning your artile and include the following with each content submission:
    • Readability: Single spaces between sentences & a score of 60-70+ on Flesch reading test
    • Excerpt: Summarizing the article, less than 171 characters total (approximately 30 words)
    • Twitter Post: 138 characters max (include relevant @users and #hashtags)
    • Facebook Post: Approximately 200 – 250 characters per post
    • SEO key phrase: A singular phrase consisting of 2-4 words. This SEO key phrase should be used in the title, sub-heading, excerpt and at least 4 times throughout the content.
    • Author Profile: First time authors please include your professional head shot, 2-3 sentence bio (70 words) and Twitter handle. This will be saved in our system for all future contributions you make.
    • Images / Photos: Please include any relevant photos or images: One landscape oriented featured image (max 1,500 pixels wide) and any additional images or graphs for your content.
  • Article Submission: Submit all content in a Microsoft Word format to connect [at] or upload directly to our dashboard as a new post after having signed into your author profile.
  • Sharing Philosophy: We ask that once your post goes live, please share it with your friends via email, your website, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platforms. The more people who view your post, the better it is for you and the better it is for Conscious Connection!

Benefits of Writing For Us

  • Global Audience: Conscious Connection reaches a global audience of 10 million people per year. We actively promote our contributors content throughout the digital ecosystem — including paid, earned, owned and shared media.
  • Thought Leadership: We offer the opportunity to build a byline as an expert in your field. We feature full contributor bios and ongoing content contribution opportunities to grow your industry thought leadership.
  • Digital Marketing: In addition to promoting your content on social media, we integrate SEO phrases and backlinks into your content which increases traffic to your website from all digital media sources.
  • Business Development: We feature call-to-actions for each guest contributor which are designed to promote your business or services to our audience. This form of content marketing is one of your most valuable business development tools.

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