Dr. Eric Pearl, Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl, Founder of Reconnective Healing

Dr. Eric Pearl is an internationally acclaimed healer who went from running a successful chiropractic practice in Los Angeles to travelling the country teaching a powerful modality he discovered called Reconnective Healing.

He has been featured in top media outlets such as The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Times & CNN. He has also presented at leading venues including the United Nations and Madison Square Garden. His internationally bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in more than 36 languages, has been endorsed by many notables in the human potential movement including Deepak Chopra, MD and Wayne Dyer, PhD.

The Conscious Connection team caught up with Dr. Pearl in between seminars to pick his brain on how this all got started and how you can get involved with the Reconnection.

Conscious Connection: What exactly is Reconnective Healing?

Dr. Eric Pearl: Reconnective Healing is a comprehensive healing approach that transcends the complex rituals and techniques integral to today’s energy healing modalities. It is an easy, non-invasive way that everyone can learn how to do, to help heal others and themselves.

Conscious Connection: How does it differ from other forms of healing?

Dr. Eric Pearl: First, we need to understand that Reconnective Healing is not about curing symptoms. Reconnective Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques and brings us in to a fuller state of balance. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not address mere symptoms. It is something much, much more.

True healing is about living with balance. When we focus on getting rid of a symptom, we are focusing on getting rid of only a part of the problem – the physical, the mental, the emotional manifestation of that problem. In Reconnective Healing we discover that the less we know about why the person thinks they’ve come in to see us, the better off that person is, because the less likely we are to focus on the symptom of the problem and therefore limit the outcome of the healing according to what we believe may or may not be possible.

In other words, a true Reconnective Healing practitioner tends to bring about much greater results than energy technique healers because Reconnective Healing practitioners simply pay no attention whatsoever to what the supposed “problem” or symptoms are. Instead they step in with the consciousness of allowing that person to return to their peak vibration of energy, light and information. This therefore allows for any of the imbalances to simply vibrate out of the picture as most appropriate for that person to return to their optimal state of health.

Conscious Connection: When / how did you discover Reconnective Healing?

Dr. Eric Pearl and Dr. Oz
Dr. Oz feeling frequencies from Dr. Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl: For 12 years I was very happy as a Doctor of Chiropractic. But it all started on a Thursday night when I was awakened by a very bright light. I opened my eyes to see what it was and it was just the lamp next to my bed. It had turned itself on. Now I had had this lamp for over ten years at the time and it hadn’t selected any other propitious occasion to self-ignite. Yet there it was. At the same time, it felt as though someone was in my home. I can’t begin to describe what an eerie feeling it is to awaken to the sense that somebody is in your house who hadn’t been there when you went to sleep.

Let’s just say that I got up with a knife, a can of pepper spray and my Doberman Pinscher… and went hunting. After a good twenty minutes, I decided that it had to be my imagination and went back to sleep. But on that Monday, seven of my patients independently of one another, offered up and insisted that they were feeling people in my office rooms as we worked, just as I had felt people in my home… although they were completely unaware of my experience.

After 12 years of practice and no one having said anything remotely similar to that up until then, you would think that seven people telling me this all in one day would have gotten my attention. But, you see, other patients that same day were telling me that they could feel my hands without me actually touching them. Of course I didn’t believe them. I told them to lie on the table with their eyes closed as I held my hands inches to feet to yards or meters away from them, yet they could always tell the direction my palms were facing. Left ankle, right shoulder. They knew. They could feel me… or it.

As I watched, their facial muscles would move… would, more accurately, ripple – looking like water that just had a tiny little pebble dropped into it. These were muscles that were so small they couldn’t be moved intentionally. Lips would part, tongues would move. Eyes would rapidly dart back and forth. Fingers and feet would involuntarily move in either synchronized patterns or alternating right, left, right, left…

And when they’d open their eyes, they’d tell me that they were seeing colors they had never seen before, smelling fragrances, often floral, that they had never before smelled, seeing and hearing “people” who weren’t existing in the room for anyone else to hear or see. And then they started reporting healings. Real healings. They were getting up out of wheelchairs, some of them. They were regaining the use of arms, legs, vision, hearing… Patients were bringing in laboratory results showing me that their cancers had vanished. And children with cerebral palsy and epilepsy were able to walk, run and speak normally, no longer have seizures, no longer require medication. My patients and their doctors would call and ask What did you do?

Nothing was my reply. And don’t tell anyone!

Soon people started asking me to teach this work. Teach it I said!? How do you teach something like this?

Yet more and more of my patients would call me after their sessions telling me that when the drove up to their house, their automatic garage door opened before they hit the little clicker button in their car to open it. Or when they entered their home, their TV or sound system turned itself on and off and on and off. They felt sensations in their hands and held their hands near someone in their family who was having a problem and that person had a healing! And suddenly we began to recognize what science and researchers would later confirm: that once you interact with this new, broader, more comprehensive spectrum of healing frequencies, something changes within you that allows you not only to access your own healing, but also to facilitate healings for others. Science today calls this Reconnective Healing.

Conscious Connection: Can anybody be taught to do this?

Dr. Eric Pearl: Anyone can learn how to do this work. We have not yet had someone attend a seminar that couldn’t learn how to access these new frequencies of energy, light and information. The question is whether they are willing to transcend the traditional energy healing techniques and rituals that come from fear, lack and limitation and, instead, facilitate a healing that comes from love, light and abundance.

We also have thousands of medical professionals around the world, including doctors, nurses and physical therapists that have attended our seminars and now incorporate Reconnective Healing into their healthcare practices. Many report that Reconnective Healing gives added benefit to their patients and gives them an alternative option to things such as surgeries and prescription medicines.

Conscious Connection: What are the benefits of becoming a certified practitioner?

Dr. Eric Pearl: There are practitioners and there are “certified” practitioners. Practitioners are people who have simply attended the seminar and have received a certificate of completion. If the person you are seeing for this work does not have a certificate of completion from The Reconnection they are most likely not practitioners. To verify a practitioner’s status, you can contact our office. Certified practitioners have taken the extra step to be evaluated by a member of the Reconnective Healing team after completing the seminar to verify and confirm that they truly have a grasp on the work. In other words, if you have a choice between going to a practitioner or a certified practitioner, you can have a greater assuredness of the quality of care you will be receiving from a certified practitioner.

The benefits of becoming a practitioner are pretty much the same as the benefits of becoming a practitioner in any health field: it gives you what you need to be able to practice the work at a level of competence. The benefits of becoming a certified practitioner is that it gives both you and the public an assuredness in your work.

Conscious Connection: What are the differences between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection?

Dr. Eric Pearl: Reconnective Healing has many benefits, including bringing yourself into balance on all levels – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Reconnective Healing helps our bodies restore itself to its optimal vibration of health.

The Reconnection, of which Reconnective Healing is a part, brings in new axiatonal lines of energy that reconnect you to the universe on a more powerful and evolved level than ever before. It allows you to permanently establish a connection to the source of all healing and evolution through a new, all-inclusive spectrum of energy, light and information, what science refers to today as the Reconnective Healing spectrum. It is a once in a lifetime experience that is facilitated in a two-session process.

One way to compare Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection is to say that Reconnective Healing focuses mostly on your healing – physical, mental, spiritual emotional. The Reconnection is a way to throw yourself on to your life path, maybe even faster than you had in mind.

Conscious Connection: Are you noticing a trend towards more mainstream and scientific acceptance of these ideas?

Dr. Eric Pearl: Absolutely. There’s an expression that says “progress marches forward one funeral at a time.” In other words, as younger, more open, newer generations step in to replace previous generations, they become the mainstream. As younger generations step in to replace the older generations in science, they become the mainstream in science. And as science discovers more and more of the truth, Reconnective Healing becomes the mainstream in science and in healing. Of course science often speaks to the scientifically minded and is often missed by the mainstream. Just recently I presented Reconnective Healing on The Dr. Oz Show where we demonstrated a healing on the air. Shows such as this allows the work to become more mainstream and we are thankful for the ever-increasing mainstream awareness.

Conscious Connection: Any advice on how to become a healer when people already have full-time jobs?

We have several choices. One includes doing the healing work on a part-time basis and maintaining our current occupation. If that’s your choice, it’s good to understand that every time we allow ourselves to interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies, whether it’s doing a self-healing, facilitating a healing for others, immersing yourself in the frequencies at night and feeling them as you drift off to sleep, or whether we just take one second or 10 seconds and allow ourselves to feel this in our hands at different times during the course of the day, it centers us.

Since many organizational cultures are based on production, speed, timing and output, often the human nurturing aspect is overlooked. A lot of times there is fighting, arguing or competition within an organization. By accessing the Reconnective Healing frequencies, we learn to focus not so much on what makes us special, unique, individual, or better than the next person. It takes us out of that mode of competition and instead allows us to see how we are all one and how we can work symbiotically with one another as a total functioning organism. And as the components of the organism work together symbiotically, it simply grows and evolves.

When we find our center, we find automatically that we make better choices and decisions. We see things that we weren’t quite able to see before because we didn’t allow ourselves to see it before. Somehow it seemed obscured or hidden. And as these insights come to us, we share them with the company and with others and we find that we all grow together.

An even more optimal choice may be that we earn our living by doing what makes our heart sing. And for many what makes our heart sing is to become full-time healers. To do that, we need to step in to the consciousness of fair financial exchange to recognize that it is our responsibility to give those that come to us for healing sessions the honor of allowing them to support us in spreading this work across the planet. For without this they will never allow themselves to receive the full benefit of the healings. In order to do this we must step out of our poverty consciousness, which stifles healing, and into a consciousness of love, prosperity and abundance, which expands healing.

Conscious Connection: Where can my readers learn more about attending a seminar or becoming a Reconnective Healing practitioner?

Dr. Eric Pearl: To learn more, readers can visit our website at TheReconnection.com.  There they can read more about the work, watch videos, read testimonials, view our upcoming schedule and register for our seminars and events. Your readers might also like to follow us on Facebook, as we provide regular updates and enjoy interacting with everyone interested in Reconnective Healing.

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