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Sustainable Fashion 101: The Beginners Guide to Dressing Ethically

Fast fashion refers to cheap clothes of poor quality that we only end up wearing once and twice. Although production costs are low, negative environmental effects are high. About 10% of total carbon emission comes from the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion focuses on saving natural resources and supporting fair labor conditions. You can join this trend by adjusting your approach to choosing clothes. Keep reading to learn more about this fashion and how to begin dressing ethically!

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is an approach to producing clothes that involves being responsible for the environment overall. Manufacturers choose organic cotton, hemp, and similar sustainable fabrics to design clothing pieces. Many companies choose to source materials locally to reduce carbon emissions on shipping. They look to provide safe conditions for workers but also not harm plants or animals with the production process.

Benefits of Sustainable Fashion

Producing sustainable clothing pieces has many benefits for everyone involved. Here is an overview of the advantages that an eco-friendly approach to fashion delivers:

  • Reducing carbon emissions, waste, and water pollution. Manufacturers use recycled and organic materials and look to achieve better quality control. That ranges from using renewable energy to disposing of waste ethically.
  • Saving natural resources. The positive effect on the environment also reflects in helping preserve animal and plant life. The ethical approach to fashion also avoids using animal skin when designing clothing pieces.
  • Supporting fair labor conditions and practices. Most companies keep their production local, which helps support local employees and secure them fair wages and better working conditions.
  • Important for the customer. You’ll feel better if you buy an eco-friendly clothing piece. The odds are you’ll get a high-quality and long-lasting item with no dyes or materials that could affect your skin negatively.

Where to Start with Sustainable Fashion

Would you like to begin dressing ethically but could use some guidance? Here are the sustainable fashion rules you can start applying today!

Do Your Research

If you start researching ethical brands, you’ll be surprised how many companies have adopted the sustainable fashion approach. Don’t hesitate to investigate brands and ask about their ethical policies. You don’t have to find more than a handful of sustainable fashion manufacturers you love. Several ethical brands should be enough to cover your clothing needs.

Pick Quality over Quantity

Have you ever bought a clothing piece you ended up wearing only once? Did your shirt rip after only a month from purchasing it? If you want to dress ethically, it’s important not to pile up clothes. Always go for value over quantity and choose one piece you’ll wear a long time over five poor quality pieces. Many experts suggest applying the 30-wear rule when picking an item. If you don’t think you’ll wear the piece at least 30 times, don’t think of buying it.

Build Your Capsule Wardrobe

Here are some tips that will help you start building a sustainable wardrobe:

  • Bamboo underwear. Bamboo is a natural and comfortable material perfect for male and female underwear pieces.
  • Organic cotton T-shirts. The company should have a certificate saying they are using organic cotton. These T-shirts are comfortable, and you’ll enjoy wearing them.
  • Shirts made from natural materials. You can use cotton, bamboo, and other compounds. The only thing to make sure of is the manufacturers use sustainable materials.
  • Silk sweater. It’s also a convenient material for pajamas and nightgowns.
  • Organic wool trousers. These can look great in business combinations.
  • Original denim jeans. Did you know the first denim was 100% natural? These can be expensive but an irreplaceable wardrobe piece.

Another important tip includes taking care of your clothes as it ensures it lasts longer and reduces the need for new items.

Donate Unwanted Clothes

A sustainable fashion approach also means helping others to dress ethically. You can do that by giving away your unwanted clothes. These pieces only take space in your wardrobe, but they could be perfect for others. Some people stick to buying one, donating one rule. If you purchase a new item, you need to give away a clothing piece.

Purchasing Second Hand Clothing

It’s important to stay open-minded since second-hand clothing can include some high-quality pieces in great condition. You can go to local stores, but consider swapping clothes with friends, too. It’s a neat trick to refresh the wardrobe without buying new clothes.


Sustainable fashion takes minimal effort, but it could bring many benefits. You’ll contribute to preserving the planet’s resources and promoting fair labor practices. Additionally, you’ll get high-quality clothing items that look and feel better when wearing them. Don’t hesitate to adopt the ethical fashion approach and develop your unique style while showing responsibility toward the planet!

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