Jacquie Ottman

Jacquie Ottman on Eco Innovation

Jacquie Ottman is the nation's foremost expert on green marketing and eco-innovation. As a consultant with 25 years of experience, she's developed sustainable green marketing strategies for the likes of Toyota, Nike, J&J and IBM. Now she's taking the Green Movement one step further. With WeHateToWaste.com, Ottman's firm aggregates a global community of “Waste-Watchers” to cultivate what she's calling The No-Waste Lifestyle. She sat down with Conscious Connection to share the story of her career, how We Hate To Waste.com began and her vision for the community’s future.

Jay Alders: Surf Lifestyle Artist

Heralded as the “Best Surf Artist of the Past Decade,” Jay Alders is an artist, globetrotter and Father-to-be who sat down with Conscious Connection to share his art, his connection with life and his advice for...
Sustainable Sunglasses

WOOED Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

Who says you have to sacrifice design or style to save the planet? WOOED is a company that builds new and innovative wood products that are designed by nature -- born from their team's love for life, travel, outdoor pursuits and the environment.

Biography of a Soul Surfer

Surfers engage nature in such an intimate way that very few people have access to. Is it any wonder so many speak of surfing being a spiritual experience? Especially at times of good surf in beautiful surroundings.