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Uprising: Movement Marketing Book Review

While working on a Sustainability Report for the USA Today, I came across an article in Forbes magazine on movement marketing. Since my report focused on sustainable brands and connecting with a consumer’s true values, I was intrigued to learn more about the idea.

The article was written by Scott Goodson, and reported on a new wave of marketing sweeping the globe. He called it movement marketing and showed how this strategic form of communication is forever changing how brands interact with consumers.

His latest book, Uprising: How to Build a Brand and Change the World by Sparking Cultural Movements, is a must read for any cultural creative.

Movement Marketing is Changing the World

These are the words of Scott Goodson, the undisputed champion of movement marketing. The big idea behind movement marketing is the ability for companies to tap into existing movements within society and align their own corporate goals, culture and marketing around those ideas. The key here though is to find a cultural movement that has shared values, passions and goals with your organization.

In Uprising, Scott leverages his experience at StrawberryFrog to provide client case studies and contributions from a global team of movement marketing forerunners. He explains how movement marketing starts with culture first and then ties back into the product or brand – the complete opposite of the status quo in marketing today and throughout history. This paradigm shift in marketing is the difference between talking at customers and listening to/talking with customers.

Movement Marketing Listens to Customers First

Social media has totally changed the way brands interact with consumers and marketers now have the ability to listen to their customers in real time. A good social media strategy utilizes the core ideas of movement marketing by engaging like-minded communities online with shared interests. Movement marketing takes this concept to the next level by rallying people around a shared cause contributing the movements goals.

By radically enhancing people’s ability to connect and share experiences, social media is a powerful tool of the movement marketer. It allows marketers to leverage “swarm” behavior as well as target influencers within these communities.

My advice? Don’t wait any longer to incorporate these concepts into your own business or life. It doesn’t matter if you’re marketing a personal brand or global product, movement marketing will definitely be sure to help take you (and our world) to the next level of potential.

Movement Marketing Action Advice from the Book:

  1. Stop talking about yourself as a business — let the movement control your message.
  2. Home in on the core objectives of your brand or concept — align these values with what people are for (or against).
  3. “Light the spark” — create an internal culture that can embrace and drive the movement.
  4. Leverage existing assets — content, events, expertise, connecting platforms, to give people tools to spread your gospel.
  5. Adjust concepts to travel across borders and link people across cultural boundaries.

Uprising: Movement Marketing does an excellent job of providing a road map for the future of movement marketing with concrete examples, case studies and action steps. A must read for anyone in marketing/advertising and looking for a higher purpose in your work. Learn more at www.uprisingmovements.com.

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