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Our Holographic Universe

As science continues to progress from the age of discovery to the age of mastery we are being forced to come to grips with a brand new interpretation of reality.  It seems that all the data is pointing to the i...

On the nature of Time

There is perhaps no subject studied and analyzed as often or in greater depth than the subject of time. To say that time has fascinated man since the beginning of recorded history is a bit redundant, yet nevertheless, man has been captivated by the idea of time since it’s conceptualization. Our experience and understanding of time has been subject to evolution and shifting understandings - for as our idea of time has evolved so has our experience of it. It seems that time is not a static or unchanging thing, but is directly related to our own perception and interpretation of our world.
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Living The Big Picture

Our magazine is committed to catalyzing an evolution in consciousness and culture.  We do this by providing you, our sophisticated reader, with mind expanding editorial content you can't find anywhere else.  In...
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Who are the Illuminati?

The term Illuminati was recently released into the public's collective consciousness when it was made popular by Dan Brown's best-selling book Angel's and Demons.  The Illuminati refers to an elite group of peo...