What is the meaning of life?  A question for the ages, pondered by young and old alike, throughout human history.  The answer is simple, but bears explanation. The meaning of life is to live.

To better understand that answer, you must better understand what our lives truly are.  As mentioned in other articles, our current life is but one of many, and we live these multiple lives in the pursuit of a complete understanding of physical existence.  So that is your purpose, to live as many lives as it takes until your super-con is content that it has learned all there is to know about being alive on Earth.  This is the ultimate quest, the highest ideal to which one can aspire.

To reach this lofty goal, you must make the most of each of your physical lives.  Live life to the fullest, learn from humanity.  Treat others well, regardless of how they treat you.  Converse with others of your species, with an open mind.  Learn not only factual information to become intelligent, but also experience life to become wise.  It is said that “The fool claims to know all, while the wise man admits he knows nothing.”  Never be content with your current worldview.  At no point should you be satisfied with your growth, saying “This is good enough, I don’t need to look for any more answers.”

There is yet another means by which to achieve your ultimate goal.  Create a new con, and cultivate it.  We do this, of course, by having children.  The most important duty, the highest charge, is to have a con within your care, one which you are responsible for.  To raise an open-minded, actualized child is perhaps the greatest test of a person.  One must be wise and caring, patient and loving. Limit not your children’s minds, as you should not limit your own.  Teach them the ways of life and let them reach their full potential.  Teach them to value life, and enjoy living it.

And there you have it, the meaning of human life, our purpose here on Earth.  Our work is cut out for us, so to speak.  Our task here is the most ambitious, challenging ordeal one could ever be faced with.  Knowing our purpose is only the beginning, and fulfilling that purpose will take not only all of your current life, but all lives you have ever and will ever live.  Good luck, and may we all make the most of our current lives.

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