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Surf Costa: Full-Service Costa Rican Adventure Tours

As Conscious Connection concluded our Costa Rican travel tour, we finally ended in the spectacular area of Esterillos and Playa Puntarenas located within twenty minutes of Hermosa and the big nightlife destination of Jaco. We stayed at Surf Costa, a full service surf touring destination with hosts Bryan and Sean Gleason — honorary locals who spend their winters in Costa Rica and summers in their hometown of Long Branch, New Jersey. Brothers of big wave charger Mike Gleason, these guys know a thing or two about living the ultimate surf lifestyle and act as your personal adventure concierges for the duration of your stay.

The Conscious Connection team pulled up to the gates of Surf Costa right around sunset where we were greeted by Sean Gleason, his wife, new born child, pack of dogs, and a group of chickens that roam about the property. With a welcoming party like this, we knew that we were in for quite the unique experience.  The expansive property is a lush Costa Rican landscape filled with fresh lime and mango trees as well as plenty of palms to embrace your tropical senses.

Surf Costa Bungalows
Relax in a hammock at one of the Surf Costa bungalows.

We stayed in one of the bungalows which was situated on top of the property and included 2 bedrooms with a very large living area. This place easily could have fit between 6-8 people comfortably, and maybe even a little more if you’re on a budget.  Sean was our personal ‘tour guide’ for the duration of our stay and truly helps you to experience this land as if you were one of the locals. He and his brother Bryan have lived in this area of Costa Rica for over 10 years, and needless to say, they have become what most would call “locals” in their own right. They took us around to a variety of top-notch Costa Rican Restaurants where live music hummed, and every piece of fresh meat or vegetable was a delightful culinary experience.

Surf Costa Adventure Tours & Surf Excursions

The Surf Costa property is safely nestled away and less than a five minute drive to some of the best surf beaches in the area. We hit the surf early with Bryan and he showed us exactly where the best spots were to easily paddle out and catch some great surf. Bryan surfed right alongside us, giving tips and pointers to further advance our surfing skills. After you jump out of the water, there is a great little cafe right on the beach filled with hammocks and the most stunningly gorgeous bird you will ever see, the Scarlet Macaw. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture these brilliant birds; and don’t worry about missing the moment, as you’ll be sure to hear them while eating your brunch.

CCMag surfer, Abby Taylor, catching a some waves just a few minutes of the Surf Costa property.
#CCMag surfer, Abby Taylor, catching a wave just a few minutes from the Surf Costa property.

Up next on our daring adventure was an extra special crocodile tour that Sean set up for us. Typically, if you were to book your own crocodile tour in the area, you would be shoved onto a small pontoon boat with approximately 30 people squeezed in all trying to capture pictures of these prehistoric animals. With Sean’s guidance however, we were set up with a small private experience hosted by Crocodile Tour — where your host Jose will be sure to get you up close and personal with these magnificent beasts!

Surf Costa Rica Crocodile Tours

Experience Epic Jaco Nightlife & Costa Rican Cuisine

If you’re looking for great restaurants or a night on the town with your buddies, be sure to take the trip to Jaco. It’s only about a thirty minute drive from Esterillos and Hermosa and you’ll be sure to find great food and a party going on here somewhere. The city is filled with restaurants, shops, nightclubs, bars, and even a couple of casinos. Club Orange offers a cool local vibe with solid techno beats blasting throughout the nightclub. While you’re there, also be sure to check out the restaurant Mono Verde (green monkey), where you can’t go wrong with $2 margaritas and amazing tapas that will be sure to fill you up. If you do decide to head to Jaco, be sure to travel with a group of people and stay together to be safe.

Book Your Own Surf Costa Adventure Tour

Overall, Surf Costa was a totally different experience from the rest of our trip in which the personalized touch of our gracious hosts greatly exceeded our expectations. Whether you have come to Costa Rica for an epic surf trip, enlightening yoga retreat or relaxing getaway, the team at Surf Costa will be sure to deliver. Book this epic experience for yourself at

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