Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Conscious Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Giving With A Purpose


“Your living space isn’t just your sanctuary—it’s a little ecosystem.” – Medley Furniture

Our health and well being is largely dependent on our environment: The air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we eat, and the light we absorb. Below you will find gifts that brighten up your home, cozy your space and directly impact your health from trusted brands that our team has researched, used and believe in.

Lomi | Pela

When it comes to reducing food waste with ease consider the Lomi. Don’t be fooled by its size, this sleek compact composter packs a punch when it comes to making eco-conscious choices in your kitchen. Why the Lomi? The Lomi breaks down your food scraps using heat, abrasion, and oxygen and with three simple composting options, your once loved food is broken down in less than 24 hours as compost for your soil or your green bin. Hands down, this is the kitchen appliance to pre-order ASAP.

Why we love Lomi: Lomi combats food waste and reduces greenhouse gas emissions with the touch of a button. Composting is a unique solution to climate change because it not only reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, it also creates healthy soil, sequesters carbon out of the air, and supports plant life. Pela is Climate Neutral Certified and dedicated to offset their carbon footprint in all steps of their making and shipping process.

Travel Berkey Water Filter | Berkey Filters

Clean water is essential to our health and well being and while there are plenty of mainstream household name filters, none compare to the the Berkey system. This gravity-fed water filter removes contaminants from your water, (like pathogenic bacteria, cysts, unhealthy chemical contaminants and even parasites) which is why it’s considered a water purifier — not just a filter. The versatile Travel, can provide as little as 1.5 gallons a day, and up to 2.75 gallons an hour depending on how frequently it’s filled. (thats 20 bottles of water!) This versatility makes the Travel a great solution for everyday water consumption or for emergencies.

Why we love Berkey: Not only does a Berkey Filter have immense health benefits, it is also the most economical and sustainable water filtration option on the market. Get up to 3,000 gallons of purified water before needing to purchase a replacement. The water filtration elements inside every Berkey system can be cleaned, which means the lifespan of a Berkey water filter system is exceptionally more than any other water filtering products.

Recycled Glass Carafe + Tumbler Set | Made Trade

The minimalist glass carafe with two tumblers from Magda Made is perfect for everyday use and will complement your table year round. Crafted from recycled, mouth-blown aqua glass, locally and responsibly sourced from Columbia has us dreaming of warm conversations + cocktails with friends and family this holiday season. Pair with the Tall Recycled Glass Set or toast with the Recycled Glass Champagne Flutes.

Why we love Made Trade: They are thoughtfully transparent about their products and process. Every item they carry is rigorously assessed and verified for both sustainability and equity. They put artistry above efficiency, fair wages above profits, sustainability above mass production and quality craftsmanship above mindless consumption. All of their ethically- made goods put people and our planet first, and thats something we can certainly get behind knowing we are gifting responsibly.

La Popa Oversized Lumbar Pillow Cover | Zuahaza

The La Popa Lumbar Pillow will instantly become the coziest addition to your lounge space. Meticulously stitched with hints of soothing sage naturally dyed, 100% organic cotton, the La Popa is handmade by a women artisan cooperative in the town of Charalá, Colombia and embodies the warm leisure and luxe of Cartagena.

Why we love Zuahaza: Rooted in sustainable and fair trade values, Zuahaza is paving the way for sustainable methods of production, while honoring tradition. From the quality craftsmanship, ethical materials use, equity of the artisan sisterhood and the warm customer service, Zuahaza has captured our hearts. Not only is their name reflective of their mission, (Zuahaza means “my sister” in the Muisca language), but after an era of intense conflict, that continues to shape and affect Colombia today, Zuahaza seeks to participate in the peacemaking efforts to reunite and heal their country. They have woven a sisterhood of women artisans who preserve and revitalize their traditional crafts through collaborative design and knowledge exchange. The result: beautifully handcrafted home decor.

Premium Starter Cleaning Kit | Branch Basics

Everything you need to replace dozens of toxic cleaning products are in this curated Cleaning Kit by Branch Basics. Made of plant and mineral-based ingredients without any harmful chemicals, this starter kit is the perfect gift for every room in your home, including children’s rooms and toys, workspaces, laundry and bath. Safe for the most sensitive including young children and babies and pregnant women.

Why we love Branch Basics: Removing toxic cleaning products from your home, not just adding safe ones, is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your health. Branch Basics’ mission to help people create healthy homes and experience the power of pure ingredients is on our list as a top contender to help people and the planet- As founder Marilee Nelson states, “This has the power to revolutionize the American healthcare system.” Gifting non-toxic items with a sustainable focus, is our top pick!

Beeswax Wraps | Goldilocks Goods

Goldilocks Good’s all natural, reusable & eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap in the kitchen is a fun and economical way to preserve your holiday food. Did you know that the average person uses over 2000 sq. ft. of plastic wrap every year? Goldilock’s wraps are Good for your food and good for the earth. Lasting 1 year and fully compostable, Goldilocks beeswax is sourced from Canadian bees and beekeepers.

Why we love Goldilocks Goods: Goldilocks Goods is on a mission to reduce plastic consumption and waste. Each reusable beeswax wrap is made individually by hand in small batches. From the washing and cutting of the cotton, to waxing piece by piece, to folding and packaging, everything is done in house. Each wrap is held to the highest of quality standards and infused with an extra dose of love. These reusable wraps are better for the environment, and better for your wallet by saving food: It’s a win-win.

Sable Vegan Faux Fur Pillow Cover | LUZIO

Elegantly uplift your space with the Sable Faux Fur Pillow cover from LUZIO. Designed in Barcelona and constructed with the finest vegan faux fur and premium eco-friendly materials, the Sable is our choice when gifting a bit of luxury for any space.

Why we love LUZIO: Representative of the natural and delicate touch of animal fur, they have developed the best luxury faux fur products on the market that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.  LUZIO was created with the mission of “revolutionizing” home décor design with timeless, high-end pieces designed to make any home cozy and stylish while taking into account the best possible materials for the environment. 

Non-toxic Ceramic Bakeware | Xtrema

With holidays around the corner, make this ceramic baking set part of your holiday menu plans. This multi-functional set can complement any occasions table setting from birthday parties to family dinner and even better, its made from 100% non-toxic materials. So you can bake with peace of mind knowing that you’re using safe and reliable bakeware from Xtrema.

Why we love Xtrema: Unlike metal or non-stick cookware, pure ceramic does not leach heavy metals or unwanted toxicants into your food. With Xtrema, you’ll never find Teflon, PFOA, PFAS, non-stick coatings, or a metal core. Their signature ceramic can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions so throw it on the BBQ grill, over a fire, in the microwave or in the dishwasher for ultimate versatility and convenience.

Hemp Hull Pillow | Solera

The Solera Hemp Hull Pillow is a modern take on traditional hull pillows, made with organic hemp hulls and 100% organic cotton that offers exceptional support for a great night’s rest. The all-natural filling allows for better airflow to keep you cool all night long, and is hypoallergenic antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites. We love the fresh earthy scent and adjustability of adding or subtracting hemp hulls for a tailored fit.

Why we love Solera: Their mission is to become a leader in premium natural bedding solutions by developing products utilizing ethically sourced hemp and focusing on sustainability, durability, and minimal ecological impact. Solera’s hemp hulls are grown in Canada using organic farming techniques. Before they make it to your pillow, the hulls are subject to a gentle round of heat processing to ensure they are free of pests and to reduce excess moisture which help them last longer.

Anti-Microbial Odor Eliminator | Azuna Fresh

Ditch the Febreeze (and those toxins too) and clean your air naturally with plant based tea tree oil from Azuna Fresh. Azuna Odor Eliminator and Air Purifiers are not meant to fill a space with scent and just mask the odors- Instead they clean the air and neutralize bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus and other odor-causing microbes. All treatment pods are recyclable, but more importantly reusable making these a non-toxic, sustainable choice for ridding your space of harmful microbes and odors. A perfect stocking stuffer for your healthy home.

Air Doctor Air Purifier | Air Doctor

Clean air is foundational to health. Gift the promise of clean air and good health this holiday season. Americans spend 90% of their time indoors where we are exposed to a host of toxic contaminants linked to adverse health effects. Whether they are off gassed from carpet, furniture, home furnishings and even electronic equipment and cooking fumes, indoor air can be 100x worse than outdoor air quality. Our choice is the Air Doctor to eliminate bacteria, viruses and toxins in your home,

Why we love Air Doctor: The most recommended air purifier on the market is the Air Doctor. They are backed by rigorous, third-party laboratory testing to deliver superior performance and peace of mind. Depending on your space, Air doctor has a variety of sizes that will accommodate your square footage.

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