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2022 Conscious Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Giving With A Purpose

Gifts for Wellness

“Wellness is the compete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.” -Greg Anderson

Small daily changes can make a large impact on your overall health. That’s why we chose high quality products that can be “tools” for your wellness toolbox. You can feel empowered knowing that you have the ability to steer your health in any direction you choose. Gifting wellness tools has become essential for our team, we hope you enjoy our curated list.


Say hello to your new best friend, the PEMF Go-Mat. Designed to ease chronic pain, recover from workouts, deepen your meditations, or experience total-body relaxation, the GO Mat allows for a variety of settings that can be tuned to fit your needs. Bonus! This travel-ready mat is also fit for your work-from-home chair. Our team experienced reduced stress, better sleep, improved muscle recovery and better focus when using the Mat for only a few days. This is an essential piece in our work-from-home schedule and our recovery from intense workouts.

How does it work? Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) grounds you in the earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset, while Infrared’s deeply-penetrating heat doubles your dose of recovery and detox. An additional layer of healing crystals emits negative ions, which boost your mood and neutralize free radicals in the body. When combined into the Go Mat, these therapeutic technologies create the ultimate recovery tool. No set-up or clean-up required.

Moon Journal | By Natalie Kehren

Deepen your journaling experience by connecting each writing session with the cycles of the moon. This beautifully designed journal invites you to connect and create more awareness around the energy shifts within our inner world that manifest into our physical world.

By connecting and creating more awareness around the moon cycles and what is coming up within us emotionally during them, we are more easily able to access deeper layers allowing us to process more effectively bringing a higher sense of clarity.

Clean, Plant Powered Hair Wellness | Florae

Florae Beauty is the latest personalizable hair solution for textured hair. With three standout sections including, Growth, Hydration, and Strength, this personalizable hair wellness brand offers clean, plant-powered, scientist-crafted formulas that truly care for your hair. Our team loved their deeply nourishing hair treatment mask and growth booster serum for a rich luxurious routine that left our hair nourished and refreshed. Take their online quiz for an intuitive assessment and recommendations for your personal solutions.

Why we love Florae: Florae is driven to challenge the status quo by introducing a holistic approach to textured hair treatment and care to the hair wellness industry. Founded by Afro-Latina Brain Health Expert and Neuroscientist Dr. Natalie King, Florae Beauty is the latest personalizable hair solution for textured hair with their SANA Treatment Collection, which includes their SANA Bioactive Complex™, a combination of potent plant extracts and oils designed to penetrate the hair cuticle while nourishing it from the inside out. Clean ingredients = better health and better hair.

Non-Toxic Clear Mineral Zinc Sunscreen | LA Sol Collective

The search for clean, translucent, mineral zinc sunscreen is over. Introducing LA Sol’s Clear Zinc Sunscreen. A 100% non-nano zinc oxide-based sunscreen with an elegant formulation that applies clear on the skin without the white overcast that can be seen with many other mineral-based sunscreens. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and superb for daily use, this has become our favorite clean sunscreen.

Clean, clear, vegan, reef-friendly (Compliant with Hawaii Reef Act 104), gluten-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. Snag yourself a bottle and gift one as a great stocking stuffer.

Holi (mane) | Agent Nateur

Not all collagen powders are created equal. Did you know that there are four different types of collagen? Holi(mane) by Agent Nateur includes all four, for ultimate hair, skin, and nail health. Their exclusive product combines two daily powerhouse super foods: marine collagen and pearl powder. This odorless and nearly tasteless blend is abundant in over 30 trace minerals. With just 1 scoop added to your coffee, matcha or shakes, you will be on your way to improving dull, fragile hair, skin volume, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydrated skin, uneven skin tone, brittle nails and hair shedding to name a few.

In Tune Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness | By Richard Wolf

This inspirational guide offers a wealth of music-based exercises to enhance daily meditation and creativity. Wolf shares personal anecdotes of eminent musicians—from Miles Davis to Dr. Dre—to illuminate points along the intersection of music and mindful living. In Tune charts twelve “bridges”—skills and sensibilities refined in musical practice that carry over to mindfulness and meditation, among them: concentration, posture, harmony, silence, the deep art of listening and transcending the self. As you begin to move fluidly between these two transformative disciplines, you’ll notice the focus, composure, and peacefulness that comes from practice, as well as the joys of tuning in to the music all around you, and to the symphony that plays silently from within.

Live your Dharma Gift Set | Pure Dharma

Live Your Dharma Gift Set creates space for you to choose your personal path to well-being. Whether it’s time to relax or recharge or just find some relief, this unique gift set allows you to choose one full line of products (Salt Soak, Bath Fizz, Healing Balm) from their Recharge, Relax or Relief lines to support your journey.

Why we love Pure Dharma: Not only are their quality products nourishing and calming with potent ingredients in each offering, but the entire line is thoughtfully curated with sustainability in mind, with materials such as clear glass that is easily recycled (or even better, re-purposed) as well as 100% recyclable paper products.

Vegan Makeup Brushes | Luxie

The Luxie Signature Rose Gold Set includes 12 high-quality, synthetic makeup brushes and tools that are vegan, cruelty-free and female owned. Perfect for the professional and beginner and features premium soft, synthetic bristles encased in a rose gold ferrule atop a chic pink handle, making them not only functional but a beautiful addition to your vanity. Our team found that the fullness of the brushes allowed us to use less product than before and appreciated the vegan luxe quality of the set.

Uplifting Body Scrub | Isa Lazo

Indulge this holiday season with the luxurious plant based body scrub by Isa Lazo. The slow batch vegan products are made with Earth’s treasured ingredients including fresh crushed cranberry seeds and sucrose to help polish skin to remove dull dead cells, a luxurious blend of active botanical extracts like rosa damascena flower, jasmine, jojoba, Roman chamomile, white grapefruit, grape seed, rosemary and sunflower seed, sweet almond, argan, olive and coconut oils to nourish, hydrate, soften and rejuvenate the skin. Beautifully hand-filled and housed in Italian Glass, Isa Lazo is the perfect gift for healthy skin. For the ultimate in luxury, Isa Lazo’s Signature Collection Gift Set combines a facial oil + toner, body oil, and body scrub.

Herbal Blends + Superfood Powders | Seed Apothecary

Balance and support your mind and body this holiday season with Seed Apothecary’s handcrafted organic herbal teas, superfood powders, and herbal honey.

Our top gifts include the Mushroom Mocha, a sweet alternative to your regular hot chocolate game with a rich blend of raw Cacao, Cordyceps, and Reishi, leaving you feeling clear, grounded, and balanced. The Herbal Chai is a morning and evening favorite, filled with a delicious warming blend of immune supportive herbs, adaptogens, nervous system trophorestoratives, and mineral rich herbs. And lastly, the Elderberry Honey for the tastiest immune support. Take a spoonful daily, smear on toast, or add to warm water for a tea-like beverage to improve your body’s ability to fight off viral and bacterial infections. Gift these tasty medicinal herbs for a healthy winter season.

Start Where You Are | Meera Lee Patel

Reconnect with yourself in the insightful journal by artist + writer Meera Lee Patel. Each page is filled with thought provoking quotes and prompts, vibrant watercolor paintings and plenty of room to write. It’s a space to reflect on what makes us incredibly beautiful individuals—and yet, an integral part of a beautifully complete whole. This thoughtfully crafted journal is our top pick for mindful exploration inwards and discovering our inner strengths and uniquenesses.

Men’s Natural Soap | Dr. Squatch

Clean soap for Men? Packed with woodsy, masculine scents like pine tar and wood barrel bourbon, the soap sets are a great gift to the men in your life. Too many products use synthetic detergents and harsh chemicals, wreaking havoc on your skin and body. Dr. Squatch is dedicated to using the finest natural ingredients that will have you looking, smelling and feeling your best, day in and day out. The best smelling shower of your life, guaranteed.

Beauty Electrolytes + Elixirs | Pique

Here’s the secret to glowing skin: Pique’s Sun Goddess Matcha + BT Fountain. These daily supplements are rooted in science and proven to brighten your skin, reduce fine lines, + enhance your hydration. Pique’s most popular supplement, the Sun Goddess Matcha is jam-packed with powerful antioxidants that help protect and repair skin cells , support skin elasticity and strength⁠ and help defend against sun damage. BT for Hyaluronic acid and clinically proven Ceramides that build and repair your skin barrier⁠, optimize natural water retention⁠, replenish your cells and reduce fine lines. A stocking stuffer you don’t want to miss!

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