Mysteries of the Pyramids

Mysteries of Pyramid Technology

What are the great pyramid mysteries?

It seems our ancient ancestors had an obsession with building Pyramids. We find these massive stone monuments all over the world from Egypt to Mexico to Japan, China & Europe and even in North/South America. We can only speculate as to their purpose or how ancient man roughly five thousand years in the past had the technical prowess to accomplish such a feat. In addition, we find that almost all of the pyramids around the world are designed with some type of astronomical alignment in mind and likely took thousands of years of detailed, advanced sky observations alone just to be able to infer such configuration.

While mainstream archaeologists will tell you ancient pyramids were built by thousands of skilled human laborers dragging several ton granite blocks for miles, there are interesting theories that tell us otherwise. Many modern engineers have come forward to say that even with today’s technology we simply could not cut multi-ton granite stones with that kind of precision.  The blocks from the Great Pyramids of Giza are cut so precise that you cannot even fit a sheet of paper between two of the bricks – they have only 1/50 of an inch space between them.  This is better than the optical precision of the tiles on the space shuttle.  The three pyramids of Giza also are a perfect reproduction of the three stars of Orion’s belt.

In addition, it has been recently discovered that the air shafts of the great pyramid project directly toward the stars in Orion’s belt – apparently with the aim of projecting the soul inside the pyramid directly into heaven.  It is believed by some that the pyramid may have also served as an “Ascension” machine – where priest initiates would lie on their back in the chamber and enter into a sort of trance where they faced the dark night of the soul.  Having moved through the shadow self successfully they would emerge a fully Ascended Being possessing powers on par with that of Jesus the Christ.

Mayan Pyramid


In Mexico, on the winter and spring solstice, the Mayan pyramid at Kukulcan casts the shadow of a giant feathered snake that slithers down the steps to reconnect with its disembodied head at the bottom of the pyramid.  This happens every March and December 21st as the sun rises in the sky and hits the edges of the pyramid’s steps. Legend says the snake is representative of the Mayan king – Kukulcan (also called Quetzalcoatl the “feathered serpent”) who arrived to rule Chichén Itzá on a bed of snakes in the 10th century. It is also believe that the snake represents the kundalini serpent, which is symbolic in Indian philosophy for the source field energy, entering back into the Earth from Heaven where it originates.  This can be both a mythic interpretation and scientific visualization of what is actually occurring within the pyramid – but more on this further down.

Ruins at Puma Punku


Gigantic stone megalithic structures have also been found at the ruins of Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco South America that dwarf even the blocks used to construct the Great Pyramid.  Some of the stones weigh upward of three hundred tons and are literally thrown about this ruin complex like tinker toys.  Expert granite masons have come forward saying that even with diamond-tip modern saws we would still find these structures impossible to recreate.

So the question then becomes how was ancient man able to construct such vast stone monuments with simple stone tools and no knowledge of the wheel?

Speculations abound from advanced sound wave construction technology to some kind of anti-gravity energy system.  The problem is that whoever built these structures did not leave any evidence of the tools they used to do so behind.  Perhaps this was done on purpose.

These massive stone structures all around the world were designed quite deliberately to last several thousands of years.  Compared to our construction today (which lasts maybe one hundred years tops) the pyramid construction technology was far superior.  It appears that the only way our ancestors could have been able to construct such megaliths is with the aid of an advanced civilization – perhaps thousands or millions of years ahead of our own.  Keep in mind that our ancestors, who were separated by vast oceans, had no knowledge of each other’s existence but were somehow constructing strikingly similar structures all over the world for a reason that is still a total mystery to us.

Japanese Underwater Pyramids

Given that the technology needed to construct these monuments is far beyond anything the ancients were supposed to have at the time it would appear that some type of advanced civilization at least had a hand in their construction.  This brings to mind the stories of Atlantis, from as far back as Plato, where in his Dialogues he describes a “lost” civilization on Earth that was far more advanced than anything we can imagine.

There is also speculation that the pyramids could have been constructed by other humans from elsewhere in the galaxy.  Maybe humans from a civilization millions of years ahead of our own seeded life on this planet and decided to let a younger generation of humans start from scratch building a civilization on their own.  The pyramids may have been built by this older generation as a sign of our connection to the stars.

Maybe we are the younger generation of humans who were given the Earth to live on, with perhaps one day having evolved enough to achieve enlightenment and universal peace as a species.  Maybe this would be the prerequisite for rejoining our galactic family.  Some say this is impossible and point to humanity’s history of endless war and conflict.  They ask: how can we ever achieve such a utopia?  During this transitory period in our civilizations history our duty in the present is to envision such a utopia and know that in time it is not only possible, but inevitable.  According to the Tibetan concept of time, Kalachakra, the mechanism of time is quite literally a “machine” that produces enlightened beings.  It may take millions of years, but that is the direction our conscious, evolving universe is taking – and some would argue that you are an integral part of this cosmic evolutionary process.

So why was ancient man being guided to construct pyramids?  Were they really just a tomb to house a dead pharaoh with a gigantic ego?  What purpose could these monuments serve?

Some believe that the pyramids were constructed by humans with the assistance of a civilization far more advanced than even are own today.  Pyramids themselves have many uses and serve practical applications as well as cultural ones.  We look at a stone block from a pyramid and to us it’s just a piece of rock.  Perhaps the ancients used this stone as a type of technology.  Maybe they stored information about their advanced knowledge of the universe within the fabric of the stone itself – waiting for the right time to be unlocked.  Preposterous you say?  I will ask you to think about the silicone quartz stone crystals that power every microchip and piece of technology we use today – from cell phones to laptops to iPods.

Also, is it just sheer coincidence that the base diameter of the pyramids in Mexico and Egypt are exactly the same size even though the cultures were separated by a vast ocean and had no contact with one another whatsoever?  It seems the deeper we dive into this mystery, the more clear a set pattern becomes.

The pyramids many uses range from a tomb for a pharaoh or king to a chronicler of history and culture as can be found along the walls of the Great Pyramid in the form of hieroglyphs.  These hieroglyphs documented many aspects of Egyptian life and culture and the pyramid served as a type of history book.  At the same time however, pyramids also served other, less known or understood purposes.

Earth Grid

One of the more interesting uses for a pyramid that many people may not have heard of is that of an energy balancing mechanism for the Earth.  All the pyramids around the world are built on certain “nodes” or ley line positions.  The pyramids connect to points on this grid and are part of a network that is significant to the functionality of the Earth.  The pyramid structure itself acts as a funnel for hyper dimensional “source field” energy pushing down into the Earth from space as the force we call gravity.  This energy is quite literally the divine force, God, which creates the entire universe from the state of pure, blissful formlessness to what we experience as the physical universe.  From the state of pure Being (traditional Enlightenment) to Becoming (the evolutionary impulse).

Ask any physicist today and they will tell you that gravity is the least understood force in physics.  They go on to say that when we can understand and master gravity the floodgates will be open to a brand new type of physics and our ability to manipulate, control and create artificial gravity will become commonplace.  According to famed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku in his book Physics of the Impossible, a type II or III civilization that has mastered gravity is able to create limitless, pollution free energy and manipulate the basic fabric of space-time to traverse vast interstellar distances and even travel through time. On a scale of I to III our current civilization is classified as a zero. It’s clear we still have much to learn!

Understanding the pyramid technology may help us learn more about this new type of physics and involves what has been called by some “torsion fields” or simply the “source field”.  The source field is the sum total of all matter, energy, space, time, biology & consciousness — a unified field if you will. One new understanding of gravity recognizes that it is not something that pulls us down toward the Earth, but rather something that pushes down on us from above.  This energy is what we call gravity but in reality is the God-like force that creates and maintains the universe itself.  This understand of gravity likens it more to a fluid-like energy moving into the Earth from the very fabric of the space-time universe itself. It even seems more logically consistent with Einsteins proven theories on the fabric-like nature of the universe.

So what if a pyramid is a type of technology that utilizes this force by harnessing the source field energy of gravity and concentrating it using the geometry of the pyramid.  This may even be actually known scientific knowledge among top-secret black-ops programs within the U.S. military-industrial-complex as well as more common knowledge in mainstream Russia as you are about to see.

Modern Russian Pyramid

Recently the Russians, under the guidance of inventor Aleksandr Golod, have been building fiber glass pyramids all over their country as research into “torsion field” physics and have documented many benefits of pyramids harnessing this galactic energy field.  Golod believes that the pyramids harmonize their surroundings and carried out experiments in them including research in medicine, agriculture, radioactivity, superconductivity, chemical, electrical, and other areas.

Mice injected with a certain disease were found to be cured when placed in the center of the pyramid.  A premature baby fed water treated in the pyramid was miraculously healed.  The Russians have also discovered that the slope of the pyramid determines whether the energy is sent up into the atmosphere or down into the Earth.  Golod today started an initiative trying to get the word out about this research but obviously comes up against a lot of resistance.  The powers-that-be will not have this type of information released publicly as it will mean a crippling blow to their fear-control based power structure.

In conclusion, this post may in fact produce more questions than answers. But as our current society progresses into the 21st century we will inevitably begin to open new doors in physics that include but transcend all the theories and scientific laws that came before it.

Is there a purpose to evolution that our ancestors understood and encoded in these pyramid monuments? Was there a type of ancient technology that our ancestors used in ways we never could have imagined? What is the destiny of the human race and what can these pyramids all around the world tell us about it?  Perhaps these pyramids were intentionally created as a message – a message that can travel thousands of years through time and speak to us when we have evolved enough to decode their true meaning. Only time will tell.

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