Are You A Conscious Creator?

Do You Have What It Takes to Make Your Dreams Come True?

 The world is divided into two types of people — Conscious Creators and Unconscious Creators. Most people fall into the latter category. They don’t understand why their life is falling apart, why their job makes them unhappy and why they can’t attract the right partner. They feel victimized, angry or depressed. Unconscious creators are manifesting most of their own misery unconsciously!

Conscious creators, on the other hand, have a clear vision about what they want to have happen, respect that their future is within their own hands, have the ultimate trust that everything will turn out all right and continue to put out kind, loving, positive energy — regardless of what happens to them. Furthermore, they have the power to contribute to manifesting a better world for everyone!

What Determines the Difference Between the Two?

How they use their energy! This means that if you put out negative energy, you will attract more of it. If you put out positive, loving energy, you will draw back more positive experiences.

Positive and Negative Energy Habits

UnConscious Creators have “negative energy habits.” They dwell on the past and worry about the future. They have control issues and don’t trust the future to anyone but themselves. They may have self-esteem problems, anger directed internally or at others, and display an inability to appropriately communicate their emotions in a positive manner. They blame others, dwell on everything that’s wrong, and listen to all kinds of irritating voices in their minds that point out their failings. They live in fear that they are unworthy and someone will find out, or that they won’t get their share of the world’s pie. They are curt with others, in a hurry to get to the head of the line, have to win, desire to have more than everyone else, want attention NOW!

They assume something or someone is out to get the better of them. They don’t trust others, they blame everyone else, they are sure the Universe has it “in” for them, or they hang their head in shame because it must be their fault that everything is wrong. They seldom stop, slow down and listen to their heart. They are entirely in their head and their egos. They allow all this negative energy to pave their future path and they don’t realize the damage they are inflicting on themselves and the world.

Now Conscious Creators have “positive energy habits.” These are the world’s optimists. They envision something they want or desire to have happen and they take positive steps in that direction. They trust the Universe to bring to them what is in their highest good. Whatever they encounter, they look at the bright side. They are kind and loving, thoughtful and straightforward with all those they encounter and the people they care about. They deal with their frustrations in a positive communicative way, and let go. They don’t dwell since they have released their roadblocks. They continue to move forward instead of being mired in the past. They are far more likely to be living and enjoying the present moment rather than bartering it for the future.

They don’t blame others, but try to be compassionate with people who delay them from accomplishing their goals and figure out what their personal role is when things don’t go smoothly. They understand the value of forgiveness. They don’t project their fears on other people, instead assuming that others will help them succeed. They listen to their heart and act on the goodness within their soul. And they maintain a healthy, sustained dialogue with the Universe. They allow their positive energy to open amazing doors for them!

Can Someone Choose to Become a Conscious Creator?

Absolutely! The key is to consciously begin changing your thinking. You can choose to have positive thoughts and banish the negative ones. You can choose to handle a situation with a cool head instead of a hot head. You can choose to be more loving, kind and compassionate. You can choose to attract abundance, instead of repel it. You can begin to envision the kind of life you want to live and become that life.

What can you do if you become a Conscious Creator?

You can transform your life: create incredible loving relationships and friendships, change the way you look, improve your health, get a better job or gain more respect at the office, follow your heart to create a new business or type of job that’s just right for you, manifest more time for leisure, have a greater appreciation for the abundance that surrounds you, develop more personal freedom, improve your home life, attract greater wealth, or feel loved. It’s all just a choice away!

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