Top 5 Ways to Make This Your Best Year Ever

New Years has always been about new beginnings. Take this opportunity to appreciate all the good in your life and set goals for the coming year. Below are the Conscious Connection’s top five tips for making this year your best yet:

  • Plan Ahead – Take time to think about and plan the kind of life you want. What are your passions and how can you leverage your experience to have a positive impact in people’s lives and draw an income from this?
  • Build Relationships – Focus on building relationships instead of connections. Engage in small talk, care about what others value and dedicate time to empathizing with your friends and family. Actively listen to people and be open to their perspective.
  • Establish a Mission – Invest in building your personal brand and utilize social media to engage with others who share your interests and business goals. Write a personal mission statement for your life with an emphasis on using your passions to serve others and make a career doing it!
  • Set Your Goals – Set 5 personal, 5 professional and 5 health goals for the New Year and establish a plan of action to accomplish them. Differentiate between short and long term goals and don’t be afraid to modify them throughout the year!
  • Embrace Change – Remember to embrace change and understand that it is as natural as breathing! By welcoming change you are automatically dedicating yourself to personal, professional and spiritual growth. Always seek to be learning new things and commit yourself to advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams.

I would also like to take this time to thank all of my readers for helping us make last year the most successful year yet for our magazine and blogging community! One year ago today we set our vision and goals for this blog and are happy to report that they have all been accomplished!

I am now excited to announce that we have some incredible plans for this year that will allow us to continue delivering on our mission of providing enlightening editorial content but more effectively than ever before! Stay tuned for many exciting changes here and remember to always seek the Conscious Connection in your life!

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