The evolution of revolution

We are the pioneers in a new world.  In the same way that our ancestors were faced with the revelation that the Earth was round, today we are faced with a new, multi-dimensional reality, vastly different from that which is currently known and accepted.  For the first time in history, national, religious and cultural boundaries are disintegrating at an ever-increasing rate.  The nation-state is rapidly becoming an outdated concept as borders dissolve and humans link up to a globally unified brain through the power of the internet.  Flags are no longer symbols that represent unity but rather banners that divide us as a people.  As our civilization becomes more and more connected, the space that separates us is rapidly becoming smaller. 

While revolution is normally something we would consider as bloody and fraught with violence, the events now unfolding in Egypt show that even our method of revolution has indeed, evolved.  The protests in Egypt are a direct and natural result of a post-Jesus, Ghandi & Martin Luther King world.  It has also been absolutely amazing to witness the power that the internet has, along with Twitter, Google and Facebook, to allow Egyptians to connect with the outside world despite being faced with a government that has shut down all modes of communication through the control of the al-Jazeera media network.

It is also becoming more apparent that now is a crucial time in the evolution of our culture to a global peaceful society, where we begin to come together as a single, unified, global race.  It is time that we come together under one flag, that shows our civilization as a glowing blue globe amidst a sea of black space.  The single most significant event that can lead to this type of unification is of course the confirmation of other civilizations in our universe.  Think of how fellow humans would put their differences aside, knowing that we are just one race among countless others in the universe. 

This reality is becoming more readily accepted as the UFO truth embargo breaks down and social networking/blogging continue to play an instrumental part in this particular conscious development of our species.  The pure fact that I am able to reach out to thousands of people quite easily and for free with this blog is a true testament to how the power of the individual has grown.

 I also find it quite synchronistic that literally moments after I am guided to publish the post “Mysteries of Pyramid Technology” there is a huge upwelling in Egypt.  This potentially has to do with the current corrupt government’s covering-up of the true information known about the pyramids. 

For example, it has been known for quite some time that there is a gigantic hidden chamber underneath the base of the Sphinx which has been proven to exist with ultra-sound scans of the area.  However, it has been totally forbidden by the current Egyptian government to dig here.  For millenia, the rumor has been that there was a long-lost buried library of Atlantis here which contained all types of secret artifacts and documents from the ancient, advanced civilizations of Earth.  For centuries, nobody was sure if it existed until a very recent ultra-sound scan confirmed that there is indeed a very large chamber buried deep beneath the sand there.  This chamber potentially can contain insight into the universal source field technology & extraterrestrial spirituality that holds the key to our true origins and future.

These mysteries of our ancient past will open the doors for us to ask deeper questions about who we are as a species and where we came from.  It has been felt for millenia that we are a species with amnesia.  We do not know the truth of who we are or where we came from; and today we are asking ourselves who are we as humans?  A human is a sentient being capable of such great potential and can be anyone from an infinite amount of cultural backgrounds.  As a human being we are really no different from any other human anywhere else in the world – or even anywhere else in the universe for that matter.  As conscious, sentient beings we should focus on what we have in common, namely, consciousness.  As citizens, guardians and conscious co-creators of this Earth it is our duty as a human being to search for this truth about who we are and utilize our full potential to create a world that reflects our absolute highest aspirations and values.

In the link above, Obama alludes to some of these important questions.  He talks about connecting an ancient civilization to the promise of a new day.  He also talks about Egypt acting as an inspiration to the world.  Obama even mentions that he hears the voices of the young people (us) and our ability to seize our own destiny.  I also find it interesting that he acknowledges difficult days ahead, but that Egypt’s revolution is ultimately about preserving the treasures of antiquity.  The treasures of the truth about our origins and the secrets of pyramid technology that may ultimately pave the way to a global free-energy and peaceful future.

I came across this other great article in the Washington Post online database that discusses how significant the revolution in Egypt really is.  This represents a tremendous development in the global consciousness as to what is truly possible when the whole of humanity comes together against the mere 1% of negative power elite that control the global oligarchy:

Ahmed AlaidySunday, February 6, 2011

Novelist is with the crowds in Cairo, witnessing a transformation

From a storefront window near Tahrir Square, I am filming scenes from a war movie.

Handfuls of stones form ribbons in the air, moving in a kind of slow motion. A man with a beard kneels, holding his hands up in prayer, unworried about the rain of heavy rocks that miraculously misses him. Then time speeds up, and the man rises and throws stones along with his comrades.

By now, in the middle of the week, the president has said he will step down in September, but that is disappointing to the people and their aspirations. In 2006, it would have been possible for Hosni Mubarak to calm the public by nominating a vice president, or forming a new government that excluded corrupt ministers and promising not to run in the next election. This is not enough anymore. I now hear nonstop shooting outside, while learning news of demonstrators wounded – or killed.

Egyptians published a date for their revolution on Facebook, and here they are, bare-chested, facing tear gas, riot police sticks and bullets. Several days into the fight, they are still capable of gathering in hundreds of thousands, dancing, chanting, shouting, creating slogans and carrying banners against the corrupt president improvised on every piece of material imaginable.

“People want to bring the regime down,” the banners read, and “Please give up now my hands are too numb (from carrying the banner too long)” and “Your expiration date is January 25.” Rumors spread in the absence of trustworthy information: Israel will drop weapons to the police militias; don’t drink juice, it contains a sedative

To be with the crowds in Tahrir Square is like being in a motion picture – but instead of just watching in awe, I am living the event. I am 36 years old. I thought one day my grandson might see this moment. But here I am.

Cairo isn’t where I live anymore, but it is where I have to be now. I had been working as an editor in Doha, Qatar, and was scheduled to be in Cairo now for the international book fair. That was canceled, of course, but I am here anyway, and I plan to stay. I may lose my job, but losing a job is better than losing a country.

I see children on their parents’ shoulders, singing for Egypt. I see a man dressed in Muslim Brotherhood garb shouting, “Freedom! Freedom!” – normally members of that group quote a verse from the Koran. But this man, with his child on his shoulders, too, is shouting only for freedom. It is a transformation, everyone merging together.

Against the swelling crowds late Tuesday evening, the murderous president recites his old achievements. He flirts with the common man in a tone suitable for love letters, not a brief speech of a president living his last days in office. Mubarak has lost his last chance to hand power over smoothly to his vice president, Omar Suleiman, even on a temporary basis, to prepare for the upcoming presidential elections. On “Departure Friday,” the president could taste his own poison as the crowds remained defiant in the square, seeming to echo his own words that “Homeland is everlasting, and people are passers-by.”

All this is happening even in the absence of Internet and cellphone connections. The regime banned al-Jazeera from broadcasting, and the list of violations goes on – foreign correspondents in custody, broken cameras, plastic and real bullets shot into the crowds of demonstrators.

On the ninth day of the revolution, the president gave a green light to the Ministry of Interior to push riot police, thugs, paid outlaws and state police in plain clothes to demonstrate as supporters of the regime.

In the early morning, they were carried in trucks to places around and inside Tahrir Square to provoke the peaceful demonstrators there. It’s a method that has never failed this president, a surefire way to forge elections and fight demonstrations.

These militias clashed with the protesters, using guns and Molotov cocktails to kick them out of the square. The demonstrators then organized themselves, hurling stones and forcing the president’s militias to retreat, until they finally took over the situation. Some broke the stones into smaller pieces, some carried them to the throwers. An assembly line of resistance.

I had been working on a novel about a future revolution, picturing the day the people finally went against the regime. I imagined crowds, how the regime would provoke people and how the people would snap, step by step. Pure fiction.

I will have to rewrite it.

Ahmed Alaidy is the author of the novel “Being Abbas el Abd.” This essay was translated from the Arabic by Safaa Fathy.

To watch these types of events unfold in our lifetime is truly an inspiring experience.  Never forget that we are living at the most exciting time in the history of our species.  We are at the precipice of a huge leap in evolution and consciousness the likes of which we cannot possibly imagine.  We are so lucky to be alive during this time of great transformation and to witness the exciting events that unfold on a nearly daily basis.  The reason so many people are here on Earth at this time is because we all want a piece of the action.  Just by being alive during these transformative times we are opening our soul to incredible spiritual growth.  This is the reason we all chose to be here now. 

Look around you and see that our world is in crisis.  Unprecedented storms, cultural uprising, a global financial market that appears it may never recover.  These are all quite literally physical manifestations of our global state of consciousness which is totally fed up with the status quo and the antiquated way in which our world is run.  Our collective consciousness is screaming out for a change in the way our reality is structured and managed.  These events are all signs that a true apocalypse is upon us.  But remember that the word apocalypse literally means “the revealing”, and if there is anything that crisis creates it is opportunity.

As the truth of our ancient past and the corrupt negative conspiracy that permeates our most top-level world controllers is exposed, there will be unprecedented opportunity to create something totally new.  Innovation across every field is literally building a new civilization just in time as the old one crumbles beneath our feet.  Something so grand is in the works that it will totally dwarf anything our race has ever accomplished previously.  I want to wholeheartedly thank the people of Egypt for their courage and strength and ask that you join me in praying for their success.  For as they succeed, we all take a step forward in our evolution as a global collective civilization.  May peace be with you on your path to enlightenment and may we all use our potential to contribute to the tapestry of creation that is evolving life on Earth in 2011 and beyond.

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