The Super-con and multiple life experiences

Now, while western religions cannot or will not accept the concept of multiple lives, or reincarnation, as it’s more commonly known, it is a more appropriate and accurate model of existence than the ‘this is your one and only life so make it a good one’ model.  The thought that we are only afforded one life to live is a rather bleak outlook on existence indeed.  Are we really to believe that all the lessons there are in life to learn are to be learned in but a single lifetime?  Put simply, it cannot be done.  There are far too many experiences to possibly be able to live them all in but a lifetime.  What of those that die young, before father or motherhood?  Are they told by the great creator that it’s “Too bad, that’s all you’re going to get”?  I should think not.

The point is made clear if one considers this: a man’s life experience and a woman’s are vitally different at a basic level.  One could certainly not live but one or the other and claim that all life’s experiences had been learned, now could they?  And what of animals? Do they not live extremely diverse and varying lives?  So what of plants?  Is their life not interesting as well? It certainly is, and one could not call their existence complete before living as all of these things and more.

Some might wonder ‘How could we achieve such a seemingly impossible feat given our current range of abilities in human form?’.  The answer is: you cannot, at least not in your current form.  So it is that we come to the keystone of our theory, the super-consciousness, which we will hereafter refer to as ‘super-con.’  The super-con is an extraordinary construct, one which encompasses the sum of every life one has ever lived.  Even lives that we perceive as future events are part of the super-con.  This is because the image of time as a linear progression is an illusion produced by our limited senses.  Yet that is a matter for another ‘time’.

Going back to the super-con, one can see the abilities belonging to the super-con as ‘godlike’ if they choose, but this has to do with the nature of God Itself and will be left for later as well  (So we see that it becomes difficult to focus on any one particular aspect of reality without the other pieces barging in as well.  This is due to the primal oneness and unification of existence which sadly, must also be dealt with in other manuscripts).

The abilities of the super-con are such that when one of it’s physical lives is over, it can review the events of that life in detail.  It can even, if you choose, alter events in that life to show how things would have unfolded given different circumstances. So we can see, an entity living beyond the constrains of time could certainly be capable enough to send a bit of itself to a human body to act as it’s consciousness, or con.  This con is the everyday awareness that all healthy humans possess, though there can be difficulties with synchronization with results of things like autism and whatnot.

The genetic abnormalities don’t fit with the super-cons blueprint for a body, so complete consciousness is not afforded.  This type of existence does have it’s merits, however strange that may seem.  One would most certainly agree that such a life would be very different from others without the handicap, and that the life experience would be unique and thus vital to a complete understanding of physical existence.  So it is that we can explain a great many phenomena.  Homosexuality, for instance, stems from being a certain gender for many ‘consecutive’ lives and then being put in a body of the opposite gender.  They feel a continued, inherit attraction to what was their counterpart in previous lives, but is now their current gender.  This removes the negativity that many associate with the homosexual tendency, and show it is just as natural an occurrence as anything else.

To summarize then, our current life is but one of many belonging to the vaulted super-con, an entity that represents all we ever experience on earth and remembers all we ever see and do.  The final question, then would be what happens next?  What does a super-con do when it has done the greatest, and learned all there is to know of living life?  It moves on to the next, higher realm of existence.

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