Evolving Consciousness & Culture

Our goal here at The Conscious Connection is simple: catalyze an evolution in consciousness & culture by providing cutting-edge editorial content & enlightened media.  We speak to a generation of cultural creatives who are entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries that are at the leading-edge of thinking and are actively involved in creating a new & better way of life.   Our audience is intelligent, evolved and ready to move beyond mainstream corporate controlled media.  Are you one of these evolutionaries?

If so, then welcome home.  Our digital magazine provides new and exciting cultural commentary while exploring deep and interesting topics ranging from social business to conscious evolution.  Our generation is striving to change the conversation going on in the world at any given time from one of fear, lack and despair to one of love, abundance & joy.  This online community is one such avenue to do so.

At The Conscious Connection we explore answers to bigger questions and encourage our readers to be actively involved with the conversation.  Through our editorials we offer valuable insight beyond the limited boundaries of left and right while synthesizing multiple disciplines of thought ranging from philosophy to theology to anthropology.  Our topics range from cosmology to shamanism, secret societies to quantum physics and beyond. Each one of our editorials is specifically designed to expand your mind and evolve your consciousness.

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