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Making The Conscious Connection

Our blog community is committed to catalyzing an evolution and “shift” in consciousness.  But what exactly does this mean?  A shift in consciousness is ultimately just a change in the way we perceive the world and our place in it.  It allows us to look upon life with a fresh set of eyes and a new cultural story that transcends and includes all the worldviews that came before it.  This is primarily an inner journey, and is made manifest in physical reality once this “connection” is made on an inner level with your own higher self.

Your higher self is that aspect of your own mind which holds your highest potential and speaks to you using that quiet voice within.  Listen to the subtlety and heart centered nature of your own conscience and you will hear your higher self speaking.  Our world today consists of individuals who struggle living up to their potential.  We also live in a society controlled by an elitist group of corporations designed to manipulate and propagate the emotion of fear on a regular basis.  I ask you kindly to turn off the news for 20 minutes a day and to sit quietly to experience your own “awake-ness”.  Pure unbounded consciousness (traditional enlightenment) is the experience of the ground of all Being.

Try and imagine who you are – what aspect of yourself makes you, you?  Since birth, your body and mind have been constantly changing, but what is the one aspect of yourself that remains constant?  What is the one part of you that has remained consistent and unchanged?  The answer is far more difficult to get a handle on not because of its’ complexity but because of its subtlety.

The true goal of traditional enlightenment is to awaken to this aspect of yourself which is unchanging.  The quieting of the mind leads to a recognition of your very self as “the all seeing observer”.  Your are, quite literally, the universe looking back on itself and all you have created.  So who are you?  You are me and I am you and in our infinite diversity there is unity.  It is from this worldview, this perspective, that our world is evolving into a peaceful global society.  The question is: will you ride the wave of change by making the conscious connection?

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