Dry Brushing

Detox with Dry Brushing

When we hear the word "detox" we immediately think of an elimination diet, a juice fast or whatever the latest fad cleanse going on to clean up our bodies. What people tend to forget is that our skin is the largest elimination organ, responsible for 10-15% of total body elimination. That means we can actually put those diet detox's on hold because we can experience a detoxification process through our skin!

Better Health with a Cup of Hot Lemon Water A Day

Plan your Spring detox with this great article from Lauren Forney, our resident holistic health & yoga expert. Did you know that 6 ounces of hot water mixed with ½ fresh squeezed lemon is an optimal start to the day? Not only does it promote a healthy body from the inside out, but it can also help prevent minor illnesses like the common cold and alleviate symptoms of major ailments, such as high blood pressure.