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When we hear the word “detox” we  immediately think of an elimination diet, a juice fast or whatever the latest fad cleanse going on to clean up our bodies.  What people tend to forget is that our skin is the largest elimination organ, responsible for 10-15% of total body elimination.  That means we can actually put those diet detox’s on hold because we can experience a detoxification process through our skin!

How, you ask?  Dry brushing.

Dry brushing is a swift and powerful way to enhance the detoxification process.  It’s easy, pleasant and yields tremendous benefits.  Check it out:

The Many Health Benefits of Dry Brushing

Stimulates blood flow & circulation.  Increased blood flow promotes skin renewal and supports proper elimination and detoxification.  This is especially important or those of us who are stagnant for many hours each day (too much driving, sitting, standing, etc.).  In addition to sloughing off the outer layer of skin, dry brushing gently stimulates blood flow to the skin through the smaller capillaries in the skin’s deeper layers.  Thicker-skinned areas of the body  such as the thighs, hips, buttocks can benefit from some more vigorous brushing and extra stimulation.  For this reason alone, dry brushing is said to reduce cellulite and promote weight loss!

Reveals your youthfulness.  We’ve all got an inner child somewhere within us, but how can we let it out when we’re bombarded with toxins surrounding us in every which way? Dry brushing is a great anti-aging practice to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells or toxins off of our skin so that our cells can regenerate.  It also stimulates our sweat glands, contributing to the restoration of moist, supple skin allowing our inner youthfulness to glow!

Strengthens the immune system.  Dry brushing can reduce the length of infections and illness by moving the toxins more quickly through the system and stimulating the lymph to move waste matter out.  Speaking of which, the lymphatic system acts as a filtration system throughout the body, cleaning up byproducts of metabolism, dead cells, and other waste materials. It returns fluilds and materials to the bloodstream where they can be processed or eliminated. Exercise, massage and dry brushing help keep the lymphatic system flowing which is particularly important during the cold and flu season.

Increases energy.  Wake up feeling tired and sluggish?  Before you grab a cup of coffee grab your dry brush instead.  A quick session of brushing before you hop in your morning shower can revitalize you completely!

Brushes the day away.  Not only is dry brushing an invigorating way to start your day, but it also is an effective night time ritual to brush the day’s tensions, stress and toxins away! Removing dead cells from the skin’s surface keeps from clogging the system, improving skin renewal and texture.

Helps you “go.”  If your digestion system is backed up and you’re not eliminating often enough out the “back end,” dry brushing is an excellent way to help move things along.  It’s important to dry brush from your right side to left in circles on your abdomen to follow the natural directional flow of the intestines, and then go around in circles to gently massage the colon.

Calms the mind.  Our nervous system is intimately connected to our skin.  Touch can be soothing and calming when we’re coping with stress. When we take the time to touch and connect to our own skin, we’re setting an intention for self-healing.  This is immensely powerful in the healing process!

How to Dry Brush:

1. Purchase an all natural bristol brush.  You may want to consider getting one specifically for your face/neck/chest area where the skin is much more delicate.

2. Brushing your whole body will take around 3 to 5 minutes. Always brush the skin when it’s dry, and follow with a hot shower to wash off the dead cells.  An easy way to include it in your routine is to do it while your shower water is warming up.

3. As a general guide, start brushing from your extremities towards your heart (you want to guide the blood flow to it).  Use brisk circular motions or long, even strokes.

4. Always brush gently, especially over sensitive areas (obviously skipping cut, bruised or irritated areas).

5. Enjoy a shower after dry brushing and then massage a pure plant oil into your skin such as almond, sesame, avocado, coconut, or olive oil.

You will soon experience a significantly better toxin elimination, rejuvenation and renewed energy, and your body and overall health will thank you for it! Learn more at www.centeryourhealth.net.

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