Better Health with a Cup of Hot Lemon Water A Day

It is believed that 6 ounces of hot water mixed with ½ fresh squeezed lemon is an optimal start to the day, along with promoting a healthy body from the inside out. Something as simple as drinking a glass of lemon water daily can help prevent minor illnesses like the common cold and alleviate symptoms of major ailments, such as high blood pressure, some believe. Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant with cleansing properties that purify a body and theoretically boost its defenses against infection and disease.

Looking for a gentle spring detox?  Try drinking a mug of hot lemon water ( ½ the juice of a lemon) each morning and night for the next 14 days to gently cleanse your liver.

I make this cup of lemon water each morning:  ½ juice of a lemon, hot water, 2 dashes of turmeric powder, a drip or two of raw honey or maple syrup (maybe a 1/4 of a teaspoon) and a light dash of cayenne pepper. Zing!

Read below for numerous benefits that will hopefully get you on this healthy habit each morning! If you find that this routine doesn’t work for your body, skip the lemon squeeze and try plain hot water in the morning.

Benefits of Hot Lemon Water:

Blood pressure: Potassium-rich lemons stabilize high blood pressure and strengthen capillaries. Lemons promote relaxation, reducing feelings of anxiety or stress, all of which can trigger high blood pressure.

Colds and flu: Sipping hot lemon water encourages perspiration, which helps reduce fevers associated with colds and flu. The antibacterial properties of lemon juice soothe sore throats and decrease phlegm.

Digestive issues: Commonly considered a daily laxative, lemon water assists the digestive process, relieving symptoms of nausea, heartburn, and constipation. Lemon juice encourages the liver to increase production of bile, an acid required for digestion and the effective elimination of waste from the body.

Increased immunity: The potassium content in lemons promotes healthy brain and nerve function, boosting the immune system.

Oral health: Routine consumption of lemon water supports oral health by reducing bad breath odors and relieving pains associated with toothaches and gingivitis. However, the citric acid in lemon juice may erode tooth enamel, so be sure to rinse your mouth out with water after your daily cup.

Respiratory system: Hot lemon water breaks up congestion and calms coughing fits, providing routine relief for asthma-sufferers.

Skin care: The antiseptic nature of lemon juice cleanses skin from the inside out, resulting in a healthy glow, while high levels of vitamin C help decrease the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. Applied directly to the skin, lemon water helps scars fade and can cool the burning sensation associated with sunburn.

Stress: Vitamin C plays a vital role in stress management, particularly for individuals with compromised immune systems. Stress depletes the body’s stores of vitamin C. Drinking lemon water raises the levels necessary to manage stressful effects resulting from drinking, smoking and obesity.

Weight loss: Lemons are high in pectin fiber, a key component to healthy diets and a healthy weight. Fiber reduces cravings by slowing the digestive process, increasing satisfaction after a meal.

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