5 Helpful Healthy Summer Tips

Summer is the time to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and fun seasonal activities!  Enjoy these long summer days by incorporating some helpful health tips to stay healthy.

1. Healthy hydration.
It is crucial to drink plenty of water all year long, and no time is it as refreshing and necessary as in the summer months. We are primarily made of water, and drinking plenty of it will ensure that we feel well and vibrant during the hot months.  Liven up your water by tossing in fresh clipped mint, slices of cucumbers, mangoes or citrus fruits.  If you’re not a fan of chugging lots of water each day, coconut water is high in electrolytes and minerals to re-hydrate the body.  It contains potassium and small amounts of sugar and sodium making it the perfect alternative to sugary sports drinks.  Drink up and stay hydrated!

2. Shake it up!
Make a “super” shake each morning for breakfast by blending 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 handful blueberries, 1 cup coconut water, 1 teaspoon spirulina, 1 teaspoon almond or peanut butter.  This shake provides plenty of taste, fiber, protein, potassium, antioxidants and hydration to start your day.  You can find a bottle of spirulina powder (blue-green algae) at any health food store or Vitamin Shoppe.  Best part about this filling and nutritious shake is that you can pour the rest that doesn’t fit into your glass into ice-pop molds to stick in the freezer. Now you’ve got a sweet frozen treat waiting for you later in the day!

3. Bike instead of drive.
Save gas, and get some exercise.  Summer weather offers the perfect environment for many outdoor physical activities such as bicycling, beach yoga, volleyball, surfing, jogging or walking.  Even just 20 minutes of one of these outdoor activities 4-5 times a week can make you feel better by improving your health and perfecting your ideal bathing suit body!

4. Lighten up.
Your attitude that is!  Allow yourself to let go and enjoy the beauty of the season by being spontaneous and open to changes of plans.  Delight in BBQs with friends or family and laugh a lot.  Stress is a part of our daily life, but the way we react to it is how we can manage it.  Mindfully make it a point to lighten up your attitude and revel in how good it feels for both your body and mind!

5. Soak up the sun.
Vitamin D, which is essential for our physical and emotional health, is best obtained from direct sunlight.  We are creatures of nature who were meant to be active and outside where we could soak up these nutritious and healing rays.  However, our modern day lifestyles have us cooped up behind desks in front of computers with fluorescent-lit cubicles keeping us out of the fresh air and sun for hours each day.  Many (if not most) of us are vitamin D deficient.  Opt to get 15 minutes of direct, unprotected sunlight on your face and arms at least 3 times each week.  Anything after that, be sure to use an organic and natural sunscreen with a light coverup or hat to ward off the harmful sun rays.

What are some other ways that you keep healthy during the summer?  Please share below!

By the Conscious Connection’s Resident Holistic Health & Yoga Expert, Lauren Forney, HHC, RYT on 7/6/2011

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