Mary Grace: Reversing the Course for Young Girls

At the age of 12, Mary Grace Henry gained knowledge of the world’s troubles through her schools community service activities—and after seeing a problem, she decided to develop a solution. Approximately 130 million children around the world are not in school, and a full 70% are girls. Mary Grace began sewing head bands and bows that she could sell to gain funds for girls around the world to help in attaining an education.

When I was a young girl, I personally loved to dress up and put shimmery, colorful bows and bands in my hair; especially a pink one! Young girls love to wear fun, vibrant hair accessories, and Mary Grace really connected with her target market. She began sewing reversible headbands, whereby she generated the name Reverse the Course, and within two days her creations were sold out. It became Mary Grace’s personal mission to reverse the course of these young girls’ education.

Mary Grave posing with some of the girls who benefit from her work.
Mary posing with some of the girls who benefit from her work.

Now Mary Grace has produced and sold 10,000 products, and Reverse the Course gives 100% of their profits to the foundation that goes straight to the girls’ education. The Reverse the Course products are comprised of hair accessories from headbands and bow bars to ponytail and clip accessories. Hair accessories also consist of Greek life, bridal, baby, and specialty party designs. The Foundation has provided tuition, boarding, uniforms and textbooks for young girls to attend school in Uganda, Kenya, Paraguay and Haiti.

Currently at the age of 16, Mary Grace sponsors 35 girls, and provides tuition for 94 years. But now she has set the bar even higher, wishing to achieve sponsorship for 100 girls through secondary school. Mary Grace and the Reverse the Course Foundation asks all to join the cause and participate in their Indiegogo Campaign.

The Indiegogo Campaign is asking for your support to raise $60,000 towards reaching Reverse the Course Foundation’s goals. Reverse the Course has a number of objectives and goals they wish to implement to help enhance the quality and efficiency of their work and increase their visibility and awareness. Reverse the Course hopes to expand their platform on social media, as well as creating a new website with stellar e-commerce capabilities. This campaign is running until Thursday, December 12, 2013, and all donations, big or small, will help make a difference not only to the Reverse the Course Foundation, but to the girls across the world unable to receive an education.

Education in today’s modern culture is easily accessible, but some take it for granted. People living in third world countries often have to fight for equality and access to that same education. The Reverse the Course Foundation is fighting hard to make the dreams of thousands of young girls a reality. With support from local and international communities, the dedication and commitment of Mary Grace can help bring this worthwhile cause to a successful resolution.

For more information about Reverse the Course Foundation please visit the website at Shopping for hair accessories or to make donations can be found on the website as well. To contribute now, visit her Indiegogo Campaign.

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