Unifying Local Artisans with Sustainability

Have you ever dreamed that one day you would know the origin, the materials, the techniques and the artisans that are hiding behind the fabrication of your coffee mug, dining table, musical instrument and clothing? Have you ever dreamed that artisans would never have to depend on the inhabitants of their cities, nor on the tourists who pass by in the high season and could live from their art all year long?

Have you ever dreamed that you would not have to restrict yourself to buying products of unaware and uncertain provenance and could rather have direct access to the work of local artisans while learning about their craftsmanship? Then you have probably dreamed one day that Alpha Art Trade would exist.

A Platform for Conscious and Artisan Creativity

Alpha Art Trade is an online platform that fosters craftsmanship and supports local artisans from Barcelona who believe in a conscious creativity. Gathering a group of creative and passionate professionals, Alpha Art Trade selects the best artisans and makes their work available through its online platform. Among theses artisans that demonstrate ability, attention to detail, discipline and ingeniousness, some are already well established in Spain, while others just begin a promising career.

The mission of Alpha Art Trade is to enable conscious consumers to connect directly and transparently with handcraft producer’s goods.  In this respect, Alpha Art Trade ensures that Spanish crafts men and women who devote their life to their creative and sustainable work get due recognition for their skills and talents. To do so, Alpha Art Trade is committed to share artisan products, techniques and skills through its website for the betterment and advancement of conscious arts. Featuring a range of categories that showcase the artisanal side of life, as well as the products conceived by artisans and designers, and the materials and techniques used in this process, Alpha Art Trade website creates a community of support and learning for all to enjoy.

A Growing Online Community of Spanish Artisans

Since its launch in September 2013, Alpha Art Trade has rapidly grown and now represents some of the most talented artisans of Spain, the ones who mix tradition with modern techniques to achieve unique and excellent quality products. On Alpha Art Trade online platform you will not only be able to purchase tableware ceramics, musical instruments, wood furniture, blown glass lightings, silk fashion accessories or silver jewelry, but you will also find further information about the artisans themselves. To increase the online visibility of the Spanish local artisans community represented by Alpha Art Trade, social network channels are actively used and constantly updated. Hence, Alpha Art Trade hopes that an international audience will be able to appreciate and connect with the true value of artisan’s craftsmanship.

Cover Photo: Gerard Díaz and Anna Andrea have respectively learnt bow making and violin making in Cremona, Italy. Since 2005 they have worked and collaborated with various workshops and artists in Italy, France and Catalonia.

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