The Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism

In many respects, Conscious Capitalism is a reflection of the same emerging evolutionary process and cultural movement underlying Conscious Connection Magazine. This emerging movement builds on the incredible accomplishments of science, technology and culture, and, recognizing unintended and often harmful effects of human activity, essentially says “we can do better!” We can accentuate the positive, life-enhancing and address and reduce the negative, life-threatening effects.
Jacquie Ottman

Jacquie Ottman on Eco Innovation

Jacquie Ottman is the nation's foremost expert on green marketing and eco-innovation. As a consultant with 25 years of experience, she's developed sustainable green marketing strategies for the likes of Toyota, Nike, J&J and IBM. Now she's taking the Green Movement one step further. With, Ottman's firm aggregates a global community of “Waste-Watchers” to cultivate what she's calling The No-Waste Lifestyle. She sat down with Conscious Connection to share the story of her career, how We Hate To began and her vision for the community’s future.