The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence

Conscious Connection has recently made a big push to bring you the latest and greatest books for cultural creatives. We have since conducted interviews with some of the most successful thought leaders in the human potential and personal growth movement. Our latest book review comes from Cindy Wigglesworth, CEO of Deep Change and author of the new book, The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence.

Business visionaries focused on Cognitive (IQ) Intelligence for decades, as a way of recruiting and retaining the best and the brightest, until the breakthrough concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was embraced.  Now Cindy Wigglesworth, Fortune 500-level executive leadership expert, unlocks the final frontier to our highest human potential with her latest book SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence.

By enhancing our most evolved perception of the world—our spiritual intelligence—we can develop our full potential and lead a joyful life that serves others.  Drawing upon the latest research into psychology, human development, behavioral theory and spirituality, Wigglesworth created a tactical guide to help professionals develop their most profound spiritual intelligence. “If I’m earning a paycheck but am impoverished when it comes to joy, I am not living a spiritually intelligent life,” says Wigglesworth.  Where SQ21 differs from other books of its kind is in its practical application and provides a set of skills that help readers live and work with greater direction, wisdom and compassion.

Developing SQ allows us to make decisions on a higher level while under stress, dealing with complexity or undergoing high rates of change. Wigglesworth presents core exercises to support spiritual intelligence, teaches how to apply these teaching to situations in everyday life and directs seekers toward further development. The potential result is infinite impact on the world by transcending the barriers of ego.

Cindy Wigglesworth founded her company, now known as Deep Change, in 2000 after 20-years in human resources management with ExxonMobil. She is on the Working Council of the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace at the University of Arkansas and has served on Board of the International Center for Spirit at Work.

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