Global Sustainability: How to Do Well By Doing Good

Experienced corporate executive Mark Lefko outlines the path to global sustainability

We recently had the pleasure of reading Mark Lefko’s new book Global Sustainability: 21 CEOs Show How to Do Well by Doing GoodMark is an internationally renowned thought leader who coaches the world’s top corporate CEOs, presidents and executives on sustainable business strategy and working synergistically with their teams.

In his new book, Lefko seeks to inspire business executives to learn about the importance of global sustainability leadership, ensuring that everyone on Earth has what he or she needs to survive and thrive. Lefko points out that, “in order for this to be feasible – and sustainable – businesses also need to be able to turn a profit.”

Businesses care about global sustainability, says Lefko, not because it’s good PR, but because it’s good business. That is why a growing number of leading CEOs are embracing it. Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, Whole Foods Market co-CEO Walter Robb as well as other notable CEOs of global multinationals, Fortune 500 giants and visionary entrepreneurs share how they have embraced best practices related to leadership and sustainability designed to achieve the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. “Global sustainability is about more than just doing good,” says Lefko, “it’s about doing well by doing good.”

We also appreciated the insight shared on conscious leadership which Mark defines as “leading with the awareness that whatever we say or do has an impact on everyone and everything around us.” A conscious leader is also someone who embraces the triple bottom line and has a purpose that drives him or her. Ultimately, it’s the consciousness of the leaders that creates the culture of the organization.

Mark has arranged the book into key sections each focused on a specific method of implementing sustainability. We especially enjoyed the insights shared from top sustainability business leaders and social entrepreneurs. When it comes to implementing global sustainability in your own business, we’ve pulled these key tips from Mark’s new book:

  • Establish a purpose & guiding principles
  • Practice long term thinking
  • Deal fairly with all stakeholders
  • Support the wellbeing of communities where you do business
  • Be adaptable & seize opportunities
  • Measure the return on sustainability investment

To learn more about how to implement an effective global sustainability strategy visit or buy Global Sustainability from

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