The Mommy Jane Talks CBD & Mindfulness In The Time Of Covid

We got a chance to sit down with Cannabis advocate and Instagram influencer, Jessica Gonzalez otherwise known as, “TheMommyJane” to discuss everything from her personal success to the latest trends in CBD therapies. As well as being a beloved cannabis expert, Jessica also provides educational content and guidance as a mindfulness and meditation coach.

CC: Tell us a little bit about your personal story. How did you become “TheMommyJane”?

JG: I grew up in the North Bay Area where there wasn’t much stigma or shame with plant medicine. In fact, I had family members who were some of the first medical cannabis patients back in the 1990’s. Because of this, my first experiences with witnessing cannabis as medicine started younger than most. And, like many people in their 20’s, I had more than my share of cannabis exploration. However, it wasn’t until my 30’s that my relationship with cannabis changed from casual to committed.

In fact, I truly believe it saved my life.

For as long as I can remember, I dealt with my anxiety poorly. And my anxiety only got worse after I became a mother. From prescription drug hopping to binge eating and drinking, I treated my body like a science project, with no conclusive results.

Truthfully, I was a depressed hot mess. It was time to take my health back.

I had a mom friend who was successfully using cannabinoids to treat her anxiety, and I figured if it was helping her, maybe it could help me as well. So I spent hours scouring the internet for any and all research on cannabinoids so that I find out exactly which ones would benefit me. Through my extensive self education and my new found medical cannabis card, I began to explore any and all products that would benefit anyone with anxiety, depression and poor eating habits. From CBD bath bombs to CBN transdermal pens, I became a wealth of knowledge at a time when people, especially moms didn’t have anyone really discussing cannabinoids for health and wellness. Once I witnessed my success (100 pound weight loss journey, titrated of SSRIs, quit my alcohol abuse, changed my relationship with my self) with cannabinoid medicine I wanted to share everything I knew with the world.

So I did what anyone who is excited about something does in modern times and I began to shout from the rooftops on my social media platforms how much cannabinoid medicine was helping me and perhaps it could help others as well.

And you what the response was? Radio silence. My friends and family were NOT ready to hear about all the benefits of plant medicine.

In my heart this information was important, so during the summer of 2017 I meditated on an Instagram handle that would be the voice for mothers who chose plant medicine and @themommyjane was born. And that’s where I found my people. An entire virtual “Neighborhood” full of amazing humans who saw the potential in plant medicine. We had grown from 0-10k Neighbors in less than 2 years and that was when I knew I was onto something. Here we are today with over 21 thousand (and growing) and I am blown away each and every day with the incredible success.

CC: What do you hope to achieve with your platform?

JG: So far, I have been very lucky to be the catalyst for hundreds of brand new cannabis influencers and “Cannamom’”platforms with more popping up each and every day, so that itself has been a big achievement. Not only for my life, but for our industry. The more eyes that see that it is just a plant, the better.

But what I really hope to show the world is that you can use cannabinoids to improve your health and wellness, but it is not a cure all.

My platform has a heavy dose of consciousness because I am a firm believer that the way we think impacts how we behave and feel. And we all deserve to live and feel well. Especially right NOW. Being a mindful human is an impactful way we can shift the stigma with plant medicine.

Because I am so passionate about breaking the stigma with cannabis and parenting, last year I became certified as a Mindfulness and Meditation Coach specializing in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and opened up my practice to help those around me. I wanted to use my platform to show others how the can apply mindful habits with their cannabinoids and really take themselves HIGHER.

I spent too many years in a drunken wasteland hating my life and myself and not being the best mother for my children. If I can prevent that from happening to anyone else, then at the end of the day, I have lived a fulfilling life.

CC: Our series is focused on CBD use during quarantine. How has the pandemic impacted your relationship with CBD as well as your business?

I am going to put out there that the CBD industry has got to be the most successful industry of 2020, next to hand sanitizer and paper products, respectfully. Personally, I was drinking CBD tinctures like they were lemonades on a hot summer day the first few weeks (months) of the pandemic. I have often questioned what I would have done if I didn’t have CBD supporting me during this pandemic.

As for my business, I began adding the sales of cutting edge cannabinoid products that are doctor recommended and third party tested so that anyone who purchases these products know that they are third party tested and made with the finest ingredients for medicinal use.

I have been providing coupon codes from various hemp companies to help everyone save money on their purchases because I know money is tight for people right now, but they still deserve good plant medicine.

I have also made a point to implement more hemp based product giveaways to help everyone find trusted, third party brands, especially if they never tried CBD before. Or to give them an opportunity to “try” before they buy.

CC: What have you learned about CBD that the average reader of our magazine might not know?

JG: CBD will be one of the biggest health and wellness success stories of our lifetime. It has many therapeutic benefits, but I want to inform those of you reading this: do not discount the minor cannabinoids that come from high CBD strains, hemp based products, or in trace amounts of aged cannabis.

Here are two examples of I consume some minor cannabinoids that I beginning to make headway in the wellness space:

If you have high anxiety and CBD isn’t cutting it that day, I’ll turn to a transdermal CBN gel pen for an extra dose of cannabinoid care.

I’ve replaced my coffee most mornings with a fabulous CBG tincture that helps me focus and fights off anxiety.

CC: How has CBD affected your role as a parent?

I wish I had known about CBD sooner as a parent. I also wish every parent could be educated on the benefits of CBD wellness before their baby is born so that they can be equipped for the extra tough days. Because, let’s get real. Those first few years can be SUPER rough at times. Having CBD on hand for parents can help with so many mental and physical issues before and after the baby is born.

I wasn’t educated on CBD until my children were much older but I know the minute I began taking it, everything shifted for me. I became more centered, more focused, more involved with the girls and my husband. I slept better, I was more calm than I had ever been in my life. Parts of my body that used to ache didn’t ache anymore.

I felt lighter, inside and out.

Things shifted so much for me as a parent that CBD peaked the interest of my VERY (at the time) anti-plant medicine husband and he began taking CBD regularly and still does to this day. I am so grateful for what this cannabinoid does for our mental and physical health. We have so many forms of CBD in our home and we have educated the girls to understand the benefits of CBD and they even point it out when they see hemp products on the shelves of the grocery and drug stores. They are proud of what I do, and tell their friends and teachers that my job is to “help people become healthier and better their lives.”

CC: What is your best piece of advice for our readers who also want to make an impact doing what they love?

JG: Listen to yourself.

Your higher self will always lead you to the right place at the right time, and the right people. It will also be the first to let you know when something/someone isn’t right. Be conscious that no matter what you are pursuing in life, that it is always backed with service.

The ability to serve others and the world around you will be the most rewarding and impactful part of your job.

Also, I cannot say enough about meditating daily or as often as needed. Meditate so you can protect your energy. Meditate to maintain a strong mind so you can handle whatever comes your way. Meditate for an abundance of ideas to keep you motivated and creative. Meditate and keep making that income while making an impact.

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