When considering the newly emerging “Green” movement in our society today, it is important to become aware of not only our impact on the planet, but also our impact on each other.  The concept of Green is not merely a way of thinking, but also a template by which to live ones life.  To live ‘Green’ one must consider the effects of rampant consumerism and reckless wastefulness, and adjust their lifestyle accordingly.  Although this movement has been steadily gaining momentum, it is incomplete in its ideology.

The green movement seeks to proliferate awareness of the impact each person has on the environment, and on the planet as a whole.  The so called “carbon footprint” is a means to this end, a value that represents the amount of harmful CO2 gas resulting from everyday actions and objects.  Ways to reduce one’s carbon footprint are numerous, including carpooling and mass transit, reducing the energy consumption of one’s home, and recycling, to name a few.

These actions and others like them, if implemented on a large enough scale, could significantly reduce global pollution.  Given time, such measures could slow the rate of global warming and perhaps eventually undo the massive damage that has been done to the environment.  While this is an admittedly noble endeavor, the Green Living concept is, at best, half a complete solution.

While there are many people now becoming aware of the need for a greener way of life, there is another threat to humanity that is being completely overlooked.  This threat, global in scope and virulent in nature, originates from people’s disregard for their impact on one another.  In the same way that inconsiderate living can harm the physical environment, inconsiderate behavior creates a negative psychic environment.

Negative actions towards others produce negative feelings in those on the receiving side.  When people are the victims of negative actions, it very often tends to induce a depressed or frustrated state in the victim.  These negative actions can be as mundane as cutting ahead of someone in line, or cheating someone for personal gain.  When treated poorly, many then rationalize the act of treating others in the same manner.  So it is that bad or negative feelings can spread rapidly.

If your boss shouts at you unnecessarily, are you not then more likely to shout at family members when you return home from work?  If you are cut off while driving, are you not then more likely to cut someone else off?  If someone makes a rude gesture at you while driving, will you not ‘flip them off’ in reprisal?  Such are everyday examples of ‘Viral Negativity’ or negativity that propagates itself.

The full proposal then should be as follows: Think not only of the impact your actions have on the planet, but also of the impact we each have on one another.  Now more than ever, consideration for one’s fellow man is of the utmost importance.  It is only through a compassionate and peaceful existence that one can achieve true happiness.  Negative thoughts and actions will only ever serve to create additional negativity, a psychic pollution we must all combat as aggressively as the physical pollution of our world.  Though it is perhaps the most difficult thing one can do, we must each strive to end Viral Negativity, and make Earth a truly wonderful place to live.

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