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Our next post in the Creative Lifestyle section will be talking about music as one of humanities highest spiritual expressions and the tremendous energy and divine connections people feel when listening to or playing it. 

As old as humanity itself, music has been a part of our culture for thousands of years. In fact, some leading neuroscientists believe that music is as natural to mankind as breathing – they now have evidence that shows music may actually be hardwired into our brain. Since the dawn of Homo sapiens man has been expressing the rhythm he feels inside and around him as music.

Native American cultures millenia old used drums frequently in spiritual ceremonies. Shamans (aka medicine men) used the continual and rhythmic sound of a drum beat to send themselves into a trance state. It was here that the shamans gained access to the astral plane and could seek cures to illness and advise the tribe on all manner of issues – from when to harvest crops to advice on tribal warfare. The rhythm created by the drums opened the shamans mind to the “shamanic state of consciousness” and represented the essence and very heartbeat of the universe itself – your heartbeat.  Such is the deep spiritual roots of music.

If you look around at life you will notice a cyclical harmony in nature – a rhythm.  You are a part of this natural system in the same way that everything else is.  The sun and moon, the tides, the seasons and even a woman’s menstrual cycle are all connected and follow a natural rhythm.  The universe created these natural rhythms in the same way that it created us and in the same way that we created music.  So what is the universe? It’s a song that sings itself into existence. 

Music itself is an expression of consciousness.  As our minds have evolved so to has our music.  In the 60’s we saw a flowering of creativity as music had evolved to express the post-modern consciousness.  Classic rock, as one example, embodied a new growth in the evolution of consciousness and represented the energy of a love revolution.  People began to express these new ideas like civil rights, environmentalism, anti-war and unity/love through song like never before.  This revolution planted seeds in people’s minds all over the planet that today are beginning to grow and blossom into our next great revolution – the evolution of consciousness.  Today music is still waiting for this next great revolution in consciousness but it’s coming faster than you might think.

As a musician myself I can attest to the tremendous benefit one enjoys from playing an instrument and making music.  The connection one feels with the music he plays can only be described as divine.  Music itself is an expression of this higher divine consciousness or the aspect of ourselves which is more evolved.  Our super-con facilitates this connection to the divine source where all the potential for new music exists.  So for example, try and imagine where the Beatles song “All you need is Love” existed before it was written.  Where was the song before John Lennon wrote it?  The answer is that the song always existed within the consciousness field or God as pure potential.  It was through a well consciously-connected human that something so beautiful and powerful was able to manifest in physical reality.

And such is our task as human beings – to bring forth that which is divine into this realm as our deepest expression of what love is.  Music is perhaps one of humanities greatest gifts to do this as it can be a force for tremendous good.  It is a means of communication that represents our highest ideals, aspirations and values.  It is an expression of nature and the universe itself and has its very basis in sacred geometry.  In fact, it is believed by some leading theoretical physicists that the universe itself is pure sound or vibration.  Modern physicists and proponents of string theory will be happy to show you all the scientific data that points to the fact that the building blocks of all matter (all physical existence) are really just vibrating strings or sound.

This sound of creation itself is present everywhere and in everything.  Your own mind which exists within the consciousness field has access to this higher dimension and feels more in tune and connected to it when hearing music that also came from this state.  So keep on rocking in the free world and remember that the Stairway to Heaven exists in your mind when you recognize the truth that “all is one and one is all” and “there’s no where you can be that isn’t where your meant to be – its easy.”

Rock on.

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