Manifestation Rituals For The New Year

After a year of so many of our goals and dreams being put on hold and disappearing due to the pandemic, 2021 feels like the year of endless possibilities and hope. We are so ready to return to normal, to meet in-person, to travel, to live life again, and to start something new.

2020 was the year of introspection, slowing down, looking to see what is working in our lives, and what we have outgrown. And most of you have realized that you have been playing it small and are ready to take your life to the next level. 2021 is a fresh start to create a new life for yourself. No more hiding, no more saying, “I don’t have time for that.” It’s time to take action. It’s time to be bold. It’s time to live the life you desire. It’s time to dream bigger! But how do you do that when there’s still a pandemic and the economy feels a little shaky?

Give Gratitude To Last Year

Yup, it’s important before we move forward to reflect on all the blessings we currently have in our lives. Yes, 2020 was really challenging, but if we look hard, there were also a lot of blessings. When you focus on the abundance you have, it attracts even more abundance into your life. Plus, practicing gratitude helps to lift your mood – we all know that we definitely need more of that in our life. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for, big and small.

Write Down Your Goals & Dreams

It sounds simple, but the key is to be specific. Do you want to make more money? Write down how much more you want to make and by when. Where do you want to travel, and with whom? What qualities do you want in your new relationships? Give the universe specifics so that there’s no confusion on what you are currently manifesting. Make sure you don’t leave out those dreams that you haven’t told anyone because they scare you. It’s time to bring them out to the light and declare out loud that you are ready for MORE!

Grab Your Crystal

Crystals are beautiful rocks that can amplify energies. Before you sit down to write your goals for the year, place your crystals around you to bring in abundance. Citrine is one of my favorite crystals for manifesting, attracting prosperity, and helping to harness personal power. Pyrite is often called “fool’s gold” and helps block negative energies, while also growing your personal wealth. Green Aventurine helps with confidence and good luck.

Let Go Of Your Old Stories

It’s important to be clear on what you want to manifest, but if you’re still telling the same stories about yourself – “I can’t…I don’t know how to…I’m never going to…” – it’s going to be difficult to manifest a new reality. Make a list of what old stories you need to let go of in order to manifest the life that you want. After you are finished, use the element of fire to transform their energy. In other words, burn that piece of paper until it’s a pile of ashes. This is a ritual I use in my Full Moon Circles, and it’s a powerful way to let them go. Notice how your paper burns and whether there are any words that don’t fully burn. Then take the ashes and give them as an offering to Mother Earth. Place them outside in your garden or anywhere you feel called to place them.

Continue Clearing Your Space

Physically clean your home. Go through your closet and donate anything you no longer need. The new year is the perfect time to start fresh and declutter your life. Create physical space in your home to welcome the things you desire. Plus, having a clean, organized home creates a calm and relaxing space to manifest your wildest dreams.

Create A Virtual Vision Board

Go to Pinterest or Instagram and start making a virtual vision board. Pin that dream vacation, those affirmations that are going to remind you of your worth, screenshot your new home, and even your new boyfriend. Get creative, have fun, and then put this vision board in a place where you will always see it. I have mine as the lock screen wallpaper on my phone so that my brain is constantly seeing the things I am manifesting. It’s the perfect daily reminder of what you are working towards.

Make A Mantra For The Year

If writing down goals feels too overwhelming, or you still feel like it’s pointless ‘cuz COVID-19 is still around, give yourself a mantra or a word for the year. Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel this year?” Or, maybe it’s something you’re passionate about and want more of in your life. Whatever your mantra is, make sure it’s positive and supporting your highest good. My mantra for 2021 is “I am EXPANSIVE.” I’m so ready to take up more space!

When it comes to manifesting rituals, do what feels supportive and what resonates with you. Your thoughts and energy will influence how you manifest. Follow your intuition and let yourself step into your bigger life.

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