How to Learn More About Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy is an important first step toward bridging the gap between partners. It can be good for treatment of depression, marital problems, anxiety, individual problems, and more. Therapists will normally go through a two year post-degree supervised clinical work experience. Afterward, they will move toward licensure and certification. The AAMFT offers a national examination for the prospective therapist, or they can take part in their own state licensing exam. For students or those with a general interest within the field of marriage and family therapy, there are many places in which to find even more information on the subject matter. To learn more about marriage therapy and potential classes in which to enroll, head over to the resources section at marriage therapy degrees.

For information on marriage therapy, one can go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (  It will show you education needed, annual wages, job growth, and more.  To learn more about marriage and family therapy, head over to the BLS website.  Readers will find educational requirements — normally a master’s degree and licensure to practice — as well as a host of other important information. As well, important qualities of potential practitioners are covered, with marriage therapists needing a healty quantity of compassion, as well as listening, speaking, people, and organizational skills to boot.

For those interested in pay and job outlook of the profession, the BLS will offer all this and more. According to the BLS, family and marriage therapists can expect to make, on average, $39,710, per year. Job outlook — which means what will the expected growth be in the years 2010 to 2020 — looks to fall under the 37 percent range. This is much faster than average growth when compared to all other professions.

For even more detailed information on marriage and family therapy, one can head over to the resources section at the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy ( Here, readers will find information on potential jobs, education requirements, and academic resources for those students interested in the field of marriage and family therapy. To find out even more information on a career in marriage and family counseling, head over to the career center at the AAMFT site.

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