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The Mindful Metaverse: TRIPP Isn’t Just A VR Game, It’s A Healing Tool

Welcome to the Mindful Metaverse, as CEO and co-founder of TRIPP, Nanea Reeves would say. 

After fifteen years of tech leadership and finding her passion of meditation through a period of profound loss, Nanea Reeves created TRIPP, the digital psychedelic platform that immerses its users into the alternate realities of their choice to support their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Reeves’ mission is to combine her passion for video games and meditation, and as a result, she has created the leading XR-wellness platform with over 4 million wellness sessions delivered in multi-accessible ways such as VR, AR, and mobile. 

“We’re not a meditation app. We’re a tool set to help you have agency over how you feel,” says Nanea Reeves.

With over 40 meditations developed by award-winning creators from Disney, Qualcomm, EA, Nerd Ninjas, and grammy-nominated music artists, TRIPP allows users to choose which experience is needed for their specific wellness needs

We’re not a meditation app. We’re a tool set to help you have agency over how you feel.

Nanea Reeves
One of TRIPPs virtual reality landscapes that you travel through during your meditation experience.

Nanea Reeves has a great deal of passion for TRIPP and has a firm, empowering belief that, “If we [create] products that make people feel better, we’re gonna be successful. Right? That’s just a given. So let’s just operate from focusing on that first and foremost. How can we support people? How will this make someone feel… as opposed to thinking how much money will this make?”

After test-driving TRIPP, we at Conscious Connection can assure you that in the mindful metaverse you’ll feel calmer, focused, and creative as a result. 

TRIPP doesn’t just transport you to a universe — it provides breathing exercises, inspiring quotes, and a plethora of meditation sessions to guide any user on their healing journey. Unlike any other meditation app, this platform allows visuals to guide its users on their meditation practice. 

I personally found it extremely helpful to see aesthetically pleasing dots approach me as I inhaled and different colored ones escape my presence as I exhaled. The immersive aspect of TRIPP gives its users no choice but to meditate!

“Anybody who’s meditated for a long time knows that the biggest benefit of a strong meditation practice [is] that you can honor the feelings as they arise,” says Reeves. “but our attachment to them and how we crank up the volume on them — those are all conscious. A meditator with a long-term practice is able to see that very quickly and [can] more promptly adjust it in real time.”

VR universe scene from the the TRIPP Calm experience.

The meditations provided by TRIPP range from 6-35 minute sessions that serve to focus, calm, or inspire creativity from its users. The platform has been clinically tested with credible entities around the world, participating in several clinical trials in the categories of addiction, depression, anxiety reduction, and employee stress management. To top it all off, TRIPP has a reported average mood improvement of 25%.

A really deep principle of healing is the ability to give ourselves compassion and then learn how to express that more in our interactions with others.

Nanea Reeves

“The way I was talking to myself [was] very painful, and we need support when we go through that,” says Nanea Reeves. “A really deep principle of healing is the ability to give ourselves compassion and then learn how to express that more in our interactions with others — how to be kinder, how to be more supportive, how to have a service mindset.”

“Especially when you hear young people and their language around their mental and emotional wellbeing, it’s all very oriented toward feeling impacted by external forces” says Reeves. “Even just saying ‘I’m feeling very triggered by something you said’ means… ‘You have a very powerful influence over my emotional wellbeing.’ Instead, we can acknowledge ‘While I can hear what you’re saying, I can start to choose and manage my reaction to it.’” 

Meditation and an immersive experience like TRIPP is a fantastic start in reaction management and resiliency. 

Expanding On The Mindful Metaverse

Despite TRIPP’s quick success, the team is working hard towards more ways of aiding gamer’s healing journeys by expanding their audience. 

“We are now starting to explore different ways to work with clinical use cases,” according to Reeves. “We launched a new brand called PsyAssist which is focused on supporting the mental health industry, specifically using ketamine for treatment. That’s going to be one of our first launches.” 

The TRIPP team also plans on expanding new programming specific to addressing corporate wellness and how to make more healthy employees within an organization. 

“We’re starting to realize that mind [and] body connection is one thing,” says Nanea, “But mind, body, and heart [is] very important.” 

This realization is evident in TRIPP the moment you place the headset on your head, choose your meditation journey, and take that first breath.

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