FLOS Kelvin LED: Sustainable & Sleek Desk Light

FLOS Sustainable Lighting for Your Creative Work Space

A cultural creative’s work space is only as good as the light which illuminates it.  This is the place where all the creative magic we gather from the world around us takes shape and evolves into something amazing. As such, it’s vitally important this space be conducive to the creative process, while also serving as a highly productive work station which lessens our impact on the environment.

If you’re like us, then you are working all hours of the day whenever creativity strikes. This is where good task lighting is vital to the unfolding creative process. At the same time, you want to ensure your lighting is sustainable and operating in the most energy efficient manner possible. Up until recently, I was relying on the ambient lighting of an old school (non LED) lamp in the room where I struggled to see my desk keyboard and clearly sketch out ideas in my visioning notebook.

Luckily, these problems have fallen by the wayside with the introduction of the FLOS Kelvin LED Green Mode into my creative work space. The Kelvin LED Green is a forward thinking, LED light designed by the award-winning furniture and industrial designers, Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen.  For those of you not familiar, FLOS is the world’s most iconic designer lighting brand and the Kelvin LED Green is their very latest environmental innovation.

The light, which is designed and created in Italy, comes in five models (base, two desk mount versions, wall bracket, and desk clamp), and is equipped with 30 TOP LED 2700K 275lm CRI 95 bulbs, and a chrome adjustable arm and reflector. Kelvin LED Green bulbs consume only 7.5 watts, which is highly efficient when compared with standard bulbs, which consume 60 watts. This touch-controlled light is not only beautiful, but an environmentally friendly piece of art. You can get the Kelvin LED Green Mode in either chrome, glossy black, glossy white or anthracite. We opted for the glossy black as a sleek match to our dark mahogany desk made from sustainable wood.

Additionally, the new Kelvin LED Green is available in two models. Model I comes with a Daylight Sensor, and Model II comes with a Daylight Sensor and an Occupancy Sensor. This combination of two sensors in one light is incredibly unique in the world of lighting, and adds to the light’s environmental consciousness.

As the leader in contemporary designer lighting, this exciting new sustainable lighting product from FLOS is completely changing the way we incorporate environmental responsibility into our everyday creative activities. After having experienced the new Kelvin LED Green Mode for ourselves, we are proud to give this product the Conscious Connection highest stamp of environmental approval and creative functionality.

Illuminate your creative process with your very own FLOS Kelvin LED Green Mode:

FLOS LED Sustainable Home Lighting

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