The World of Subtle Energy

What if you could live in a world in which you felt connected to and in harmony with your environment, in touch with yourself and others around you, in control of your health and well- being and able to feel part of a larger whole that gave you a sense of purpose and meaning?  This is what is available to you as you begin your journey into the world of energy that lies within you, all around you and flows through every part of the universe.

Our Personal Journey with Energy

David started his journey with energy through martial arts and zen.  Very quickly he began to realize that it opened up his sensitivity to a whole realm of subtle energies to which he had been previously oblivious.  He discovered the joy of creativity, art, music, poetry, dance, improved relationships, more life and work success and, most importantly, a much better relationship with himself.  He felt drawn to discover more about energy and delved into quantum physics, mysticism, world religions and cultures, psychology and life coaching.  David was fascinated how all these disciplines talk about energy and offer practical ways to harness it to enhance your life potential.

Lynette came to a profound understanding of energy through years of poor health that baffled doctors as to a cure.  Forced to discover her own answers, she began researching traditional forms of medicine and found that energy healing had significant and long term benefits.  As her health improved she felt drawn to martial arts, meditation, medium-ship, Hypnotherapy,  Reiki, and other forms of energy therapy.  Nourish the Flame Within is a result of David and Lynette’s collaboration as they continue to discover more about the realm of energy in all its diversity.

Energy is the Thread that Binds the Universe Together

You are made of energy, as is everything in the universe. It is this fact that connects you to the world around you.  Simply becoming aware of this energy and the feeling of it, through meditation, Reiki and other forms of energy healing, martial arts, yoga and Chi Kung, connects you to this universal energy force.  With practice, your sensitivity to it grows, and you become more in tune with its subtleties and the wonderful ways in which it can enhance your life.

Energy holds information that allows you to communicate. Energy vibrates and resonates as waves do.  Encoded into these waves are information, wisdom, insight, knowledge and understanding.  Sensitivity to these waves can give you the ability to develop rapport and empathy with people and make intuitive leaps of understanding and creativity.  Through practice and heightened awareness you will become more in tune with the environment around you, making for better personal and working relationships, as well as enjoying more the company of others and the ambiance of venues and events.

Energy also points the way to self development and well-being. With this greater knowledge and insight, you will also develop a better understanding of yourself, and be guided from within to lead a life that is more meaningful and fulfilling. You will have an improved sense of health, a better sense of life- balance and a more engaged life experience as you grow in power and intensity from within and become a more positive force in your world.

Let the Energy Flow be Guided by Your Intuition

All this by connecting to something so subtle, yet fundamental to your life and the world, seems too easy.  Well, yes and no.  It is simple in essence, all you need do is allow the energy to flow, and the story unfolds over time.  Yet it is human nature to place obstacles in the way of our natural growth and development.  Start this journey and persevere for there are many wonderful gifts and experiences awaiting you on the path as you connect ever more deeply with energy.

Practices like meditation, martial arts and Reiki are gateways to this energy- world.  You may find yourself drawn to a particular form of energy connection very quickly, or you may try a few until you discover one that feels right to you.  Once you enter through whichever gateway you choose, you become open to the myriad of potentialities that are available as your life journey evolves and unfolds.  We wish you well and hope to meet you on your journey to discovering energy and how it  unleashes the potential within you for healing, well- being, inner wisdom and tranquility in life.

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