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People are reticent about the use of alternative light sources, especially LEDs (light emitting diodes). It is an emerging technology that is both scary and confusing to many. While there are really great sustainable lighting products out there, they can be easily buried under tons of less than perfect options that are available in stores and online. Now is the time to take a leap of faith. Everyone may not be ready to jump into the use of sustainable lighting with both feet, but hopefully they are at least willing to test the waters. The first step is to try replacing some of your existing light bulbs with earth friendly alternatives.

Choose Sustainable Lighting without Sacrificing Design

The trick is to keep these lighting retrofits undercover. In reality, a lot of the LED alternative lamps (this is the industry term for light bulbs) are not particularly attractive. Let’s face it; compact fluorescent looks like a soft serve ice cream and many of the LED bulbs have bulky metal heat sinks. If you can hide them behind a shade or a lens, and the color quality the light is very similar to incandescent, then you can have the best of both worlds.

Chandeliers and table lamps are still an important element to most all styles of residences. They are needed to provide the ambiance for a room without necessarily providing all the necessary illumination on their own. These fixtures would be would be a good first choice for trying out one of these alternative light sources. If you have a chandelier or wall sconces with torpedo shaped bulbs (what are referred to as B-10 lamps in the industry) there is one company called Borealis, which makes a series of lamps which look very much like their incandescent counterparts. They are dimmable, practically unbreakable and will last in the 50,000 hour range. A standard household bulb has a lamp life of 750 hours.

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