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Conscious Connection was designed as the premier magazine for cultural creatives. But what exactly is a cultural creative, and are you perhaps one of them?  This article will provide some insight on this emerging demographic and present several cultural creative qualities to see if you are a part of this group of people dedicated to changing the world.

The term cultural creative was originally coined in 2000 by sociologist Paul H. Ray to describe a large segment of western society that had recently developed beyond the paradigms of traditionalists and modernists.  The cultural creatives were described as a demographic which cared about the environment and purchased according to their values and impact their decision would have on the planet.

Cultural Creative Lifestyle Qualities

We designed our magazine as a communication platform for reaching this growing group of socially responsible people in order to satisfy their need for socially responsible media. The characteristics of cultural creatives incorporate a wide variety of traits related to environmentalism, personal growth and social business. We’ve outlined the four broad traits of cultural creatives below:

1. Dedication to Personal / Professional Growth

A cultural creative is a person with a strong concern for personal development and self actualization. They are intelligent, well educated and care deeply about their own personal and professional growth. They seek careers which are fulfilling and provide meaningful contribution to their communities or the world at large.

Because of their emphasis on growth and development, cultural creatives can be found reading often.  They are very concerned with advancing their own knowledge and have made a commitment to lifelong learning. A cultural creative also lives their life for a higher purpose and aims to use their gifts to benefit the world.

2. Care for Environment and Social Issues

Many cultural creatives work in social business and are entrepreneurs in various fields contributing to a better tomorrow. Their deep care for the environment and social issues directly stems from the value they place on relationships, people and the planet. The cultural creatives have a deep love of nature and care strongly about its preservation and balance.

This creative perspective also emphasizes the importance of helping and caring for others, and as such, many people of this group volunteer often for good causes.  They see spirituality and love as a vital component of life and always look for the good qualities in all people. They desire equality in business, life and politics across all cultural, religious, and racial/gender boundaries.  A cultural creative also recognizes the power of unity and collaboration through synergy, and the benefits of cooperative relationships in business and politics.

3. Interest in Health, Fitness & Well Being

All cultural creatives place a very high emphasis on their health and remaining active. Many tend to be yoga instructors/students, holistic health counselors, nutritionists or personal trainers. In addition to exercising regularly, cultural creatives also ensure they eat properly and encourage others to do the same. They take a deep interest in developing their spiritual body as much as their physical body and often turn to learning about many forms of religion or spirituality to satisfy their need for holistic spiritual growth.

4. Enjoy a Creative & Active Lifestyle

The creative lifestyle refers to the way a cultural creative lives. For instance, they enjoy modern zen-like home design aesthetics, active outdoor hobbies and artistic ventures.  Many cultural creatives can be found engaging in activities such as music, art and writing. They also enjoy exotic travel and outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing/climbing, surfing and camping. It is important to cultural creatives that their home be a space which fosters creativity, balance and productivity. As such, creative home living is a big part of the lifestyle for many cultural creatives.

As the millennial generation continues to grow in power and influence, there will an increasing number of people living from this perspective. With more people living their lives with purpose and significance, we are going to see a massive shift in the way our world operates for the better. The cultural creatives are literally creating new forms of culture as we rewrite the story of who we are and how we live. If you are a cultural creative, then welcome home. We thank you for being a part of the evolution of our world!

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