Accelerating Spiritual Growth Through Flower Power

New Way to Propel into Higher Consciousness as 2013 Approaches

Flower essences are part of the long tradition of Shamanic and Earth-based healing. Shamans access and utilize the intelligence inherent in Nature for a variety of purposes, particularly personal transformation and healing. In an era in which alternative health and sustainability have captured the interest of a rapidly growing number of people, flower essences have become popular among those seeking to achieve personal balance and transformation. This ancient modality now also has a new and unprecedented purpose – Accelerated Spiritual Growth®.

Accelerated Spiritual Growth® is a new concept reflecting an opportunity previously unavailable to humanity – the opportunity to quicken the evolution of our consciousness. Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Thus accelerated evolution of human consciousness is essential to the expeditious resolution of both our personal and collective long-standing challenges.

In his book Power vs Force, Dr. David R. Hawkins states, “Consciousness itself…evolves slowly, over innumerable generations.” He says that in a lifetime, the average person advances five points on his 1000-point ‘map of consciousness,’ where 700-1000 represents the range associated with enlightenment. He further explains, “Nonetheless, it is possible for isolated individuals to make sudden positive jumps, even of hundreds of points.”

Now, a group of evolutionary and energetically advanced flowers makes it possible for anyone to accelerate spiritual growth. Think about transcending the incremental growth of the past in favor of the rapid expansion of consciousness! This is a profound breakthrough in human spiritual development.

Why do these particular flowers accelerate spiritual growth? They were identified by Nature as ones whose ‘energetic signatures’ hold the healing and ascension patterns required for Accelerated Spiritual Growth®.

These flowers support:

  • Resolution of the past, including transcendence of fear rooted in the imprints of our unresolved experiences
  • Activation of the patterns, personal qualities, practices and skills required to achieve enlightened consciousness
  • Unfoldment of our unique sacred purpose – the outer expression of the Soul in creative and loving works that serve the higher good

Here are some examples of the next generation of flower essences created from these flowers:

Inner Sanctuary

Inner Sanctuary - flower image

created from Rose ‘Europeana’, draws us into the Inner Sanctum of the Self where we experience our perfection as a Soul incarnate. It supports relinquishing non-essential activities and the primacy of the thinking mind so we are able to seat our consciousness in the Inner Sanctuary of the Self. In this Inner Sanctuary, we experience the eternal and changeless nature of Being. We come to know that we are innocent even when we appear guilty, we are whole even when we appear broken, and there is no death even though we appear to die.


created from Rose ‘Angel Face’, assists us to transcend the Piscean dynamics of co-dependent giving and conditional love and anchor the Aquarian dynamic ofExtension of Self through Unconditional Love. The result is the experience of authentic intimacy and Oneness –essential aspects of evolved consciousness. It is especially useful for exposing what we require to heal in order to overcome patterns of codependent giving and/or withholding. If we are experiencing any form of lack in our life,Generosity assists us in transforming the perceptions that are keeping us from the ‘miracle of receiving.’


created from Shasta Daisy ‘Becky’, supports individuals and groups to achieve an ever-deepening sense of community such as coworkers, family, friends, healing circles, partners, project teams etc. Community emanates from the authentic and intimate connection of individuals drawn to each other by a shared and/or unifying principle and/or purpose. Unity cultivates development of the authenticity and intimacy required for us to continue deepening our experience of Oneness. It also stimulates the desire for, assists preparation of and supports participation in sacred ceremony.

Perfected Manifestation

created from Lily-of-the-Valley, supports all phases of the manifestation process. It elevates our consciousness so we are able to conceive ideas and intentions that allow for our highest participation in the grand Divine Plan. It then supports translating these ideas and intentions into Perfected Form. Perfected Manifestation also assists us in becoming aware of, and transcending, the self-limiting perceptions that impede our ability to manifest.

This is a glimpse into the quality of intelligence accessed through the flowers supportingAccelerated Spiritual Growth®. These flowers accelerate spiritual growth because of their specific ‘energetic signatures’ and healing patterns, and also because of the how and where they are grown. One unique garden, situated on an energy vortex–a key point on Earth’ energy grid–in an historic area in Michigan, produces such energy-advanced flowers and flower essences. The land on which this garden is location was consecrated as a Spiritual Light Center more than 25 years ago. The garden is graced with sacred objects from around the world many of which are hundreds of years old. The walkways and beds are created based on sacred geometry. The garden is organically maintained. Specific physical and energetic processes are used to bring the garden and plants to their highest vitality. The Light Quotient of the flowers is so high, the flowers actually glow. It is a breath-taking place!

The fact that the garden is located in an urban setting is particularly significant. Approximately 80% of Americans and more than 50% of the world’s population reside in urban settings. Thus the principle of ‘like healing like’ or horizontal healing is taken to a new level when flower essences are produced in an urban setting. The plants undergo a process of development that allows them to thrive in this setting. When they thrive, the expression of their healing pattern has been perfected.

Image of page - buddha's portalOn sunny days, the blossoms that have reached their peak potency are chosen to fulfill their purpose. They are used to create Mother Tincture – the stock from which the dosage bottles are made. The production process is sacred. The Nature intelligences overlighting the flower essence production process and the particular plant are invoked to extract the essence of the flower. Subsequently, through a specific invocation, Higher Beings are asked to bless the solution. The Mother Tincture is aged for a year and a day before being used to produce dosage bottles. This aging process stabilizes the pattern of consciousness held in the Mother Tincture, which in turn supports stabilized expansion of the consciousness of the flower essence user.

Orally ingesting one or more drops of a flower essence (on or under the tongue) daily produces its healing effect. Flower essences work through the subtle energy system of the human body to create shifts in consciousness over time. These shifts are inevitably translated into positive life changes.

We have become accustomed to arduous, complicated and incremental approaches to personal growth. Though our evolutionary leaps can be challenging, our personal growth can be simplified as well as accelerated. This is the gift of the flowers.

Swami Rama in his book Living with the Himalayan Masters says, “The Himalayan sages taught me the gospel of nature…This gospel reveals that emphatic knowledge through which one learns truth…” It is time to harness the power of Nature to open the portal of Spiritual Truth so we can become the enlightened beings we are here to be.

The ancient Maya call the new age beginning on December 21, 2012 the Age of Itza which means, among many things, ‘the age of peace or flowering.’ It is time for us to individually and collectively blossom. Let us now choose to allow perfected flowers to guide our unfoldment of the Peace and Beauty within and accelerate our spiritual growth.

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