U.N. to Establish ET Contact Protocols

Here is another key step that has just been taken in favor of dealing with a formal “contact” with other planets in the not so distant future: http://bigthink.com/ideas/24239.  Renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku discusses in the above article how the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs has appointed a Malaysian astrophysicist named Mazlan Othman to act as a liaison to any ET’s trying to contact us.

Her job would be to draft protocols for dealing with the inevitable event of contact.  Michio has stated that while this a good idea, it may be just a little premature – after all he’s got a reputation to maintain.  He goes on to say that it would take years to receive a signal through SETI given that the radio waves travel at the speed of light.  He also says that despite the discovery of hundreds of new exo-planets the likelihood of intelligent non-microbial life is very rare.  In my opinion nothing can be farther from the truth.  In our Universe, life is the rule, not the exception.  We now know that there are literally billions of other planets in our galaxy alone, not to mention billions of other galaxies.  The sheer magnitude of this number leads me to believe there can be no way there isn’t life out there – and most likely life that is more advanced than us.

It is my conjecture that the U.N. is already well aware that this is a real phenomenon and in accordance has begun this gradual process of disclosure at least over a year ago (possibly longer) in order to ease the public into dealing with this new reality.  This is another key step amongst many others to help make our world transition into a “first contact” event.

Fox News also ran an article about this story: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/09/27/appoints-contact-visiting-space-aliens/?test=latestnews#dsq-new-post but then quickly changed the piece to how the U.N. has denied this allegation.  They literally changed segments of an already published article by filling in statements about how this is “nonsense”.  The so called journalist goes on to say how instead of discussing ET contact protocols at the upcoming conference Mazlam will be talking about the danger of space junk in near Earth orbit.  It is important to note however that given our current technological capabilities there is really nothing we can do about this problem.  This is however something the ET’s might be able to clean up rather quickly if we could only make the effort to come together as a planet and reach out for help.

Another thing I noticed with the above Fox News post is the sheer amount negative, viral or even violent comments from people on the article.  It leads me to believe that Fox spams their own comment section in order to “manufacture consensus” or in other words make people believe that the majority of others feel a knee-jerk, make-fun, xenophobic reaction to this issue – while nothing can be farther from the truth.  This is just another classic example of disinformation and propaganda at work on this all-important issue.

People everywhere are waking up to this reality and are open to the idea of intelligent civilizations from other worlds visiting Earth.  Maybe they’re ETs from another planet or dimension or maybe they’re even future versions of ourselves who in the distant future have mastered time travel and are here to make sure we don’t destroy the Earth before it’s too late.

Who ever they are, polls reveal that over 72% of Americans believe the government is not telling them everything they know about UFO’s and the reality of ET contact: http://www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc969.htm.  These numbers prove that a massive shift in consciousness is underway and there will be no stopping the tidal wave of enlightenment that is heading our way.  The dark elite forces opposed to this disclosure can only do so much to delay this process and they are running out of resources, support and time.  The dawn of a new era is upon us – offer gratitude for being alive during such a monumental time in the history of our planet!

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