Renowned Physicist says Contact is inevitable

Popular theoretical physicist and promoter of science, Michio Kaku will be airing his special “Sci Fi Science” on the Science Channel tonight at 10PM Eastern Time.  And the theme of the show will be none other than ET contact.  Using modern physics equations and mathematical formulae, Michio is convinced beyond a doubt that contact with an intelligent other worldly civilization is not only very likely, but inevitable in the coming years.

Michio discussed recently in a television interview that UFO’s likely exist and have travelled here from several light years away.  The reason this is possible is because a civilization a thousand or even a million years ahead of us will have opened the gateway to an entire new type of physics.  One that will allow space-time itself to be manipulated and permit travel across vast interstellar distances in only a short amount of time.  Be sure to tune in tonight to the science channel at 10PM EST to catch the premier episode of “Sci-Fi Science: ET Contact”.  This is just further proof that an on-going disclosure process is underway in order to prepare the public for a formal “First Contact” in the coming years.

Humanity’s collective consciousness is being eased into this reality so that once it is established that we are not alone in the Universe we can begin to transform our reality from one of lack and ignorance to one of abundance and enlightenment.  The new physics/sciences as well as philosophies that will be opened up from this revelation will indeed pave the way to a new renaissance for mankind. 

The Illuminati (being the “leaders” of our planet) were originally approached by the ETs and offered assistance in helping with our Ascension.  The Illuminati being the control freaks they are denied this invitation and the ETs were forced to come up with a different plan for First Contact.  Some may ask why do the ETs just not show up and land on the white house lawn?  The answer is they are governed by Divine Law like everything else in the Universe.  This law states that they cannot just “show up” uninvited because it would shock too many people.  The ETs talked with our corrupt leaders (who control the media, religion, politics and the military) because their cooperation was required for a safe and open first contact event.  The Illuminati did not want to give up their power and so the ETs were forced to lay low while a grass-roots movement developed seeking to bring about a disclosure and first contact.  We are now reaching the convergence of this movement in the coming years leading up to 2012.

The ETs are responsible for seeding life on this planet and in truth do not look that different from you or me.  We were created with their own DNA stock as a so-called “breeding experiment” with the hopes of us evolving one day to be welcomed into a much grander galactic community.  Until we establish world peace (a prerequisite for galactic membership) we are under quarantine.  We are being closely monitored by the “higher-ups” to ensure we don’t blow ourselves up or take nuclear missiles into space.  The ET technology is such that they can stand down any of our weapons without causing any physical harm or violence toward us.

In my opinion its best to prepare your mind to deal with this reality because it is fast approaching whether you are ready for it or not.  This evolution of our world begins with your very self and your ability to establish your own “conscious connection”.  Your Higher Self or Super-con is the aspect of your soul which exists in non-physical reality and manages your current life incarnation. 

The ETs are so advanced consciously as well as technologically that they have interfaced these two realities seamlessly.  They are able to operate simultaneously in multiple dimensions of reality (that science by the way has proved exist) using CAT (Consciousness Assisted Technology) and TAC (Technology Assisted Consciousness).  It is in this regard that the use of things like telepathy and telekinesis as well as phase shifting ships allow them to stay close to our planet for monitoring purposes without being visible or in harm’s way.

Set the intention to connect with your Higher Self and you will find that life becomes more enriching and you will be more open to these evolved concepts and ideas.  The issue of ET contact has everything to do with us becoming in touch with who we really are – a spiritual being having a human experience.

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