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How to Have Conscious Relationships Using Human Design

Having conscious relationships is a hot topic right now and there are many tools and advice to help you bring more awareness to your romantic partnerships. In our experience, nothing compares to understanding your Human Design and how it can truly change your life – and relationships.

Human Design and Astrology are closely related, but have you ever read about the compatibility for your Astrological sun sign and rolled your eyes? Us too. It’s not that we don’t believe in the power of astrology (because we absolutely do), it’s just that when a system is communicated with a lack of depth, without taking into consideration your own ability to choose what’s right for you, it feels disempowering and misses the mark.

Human Design is the science of differentiation, and some refer to it as the “new astrology.” This is not a one-size fits all system. Through understanding your unique design, you can begin to see how your energy is specifically designed to operate, and how you might operate differently than other people, including your partner.

In Human Design, each person belongs to one of 5 Energy Types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, or Reflector. Your Type describes the way your Aura works and offers you a specific Strategy that you can follow daily to help you use your energy correctly. There are also 8 Authorities that describe the way you can intuitively access your truth when making important life decisions. Each person has just one of these decision-making processes that is a consistent way for them to know what’s right for them as an individual. Your Human Design chart, which can be generated here will tell which Energy Type and which Authority you have.

Conscious Relationships – Developing Deeper Awareness

Through the lens of Human Design, conscious relationships are less about selecting a partner because an outside system tells you they are compatible for you and are more about having a deeper level of awareness in how to choose what you feel is right for yourself and how to navigate your energetic dynamics. Human Design can offer you crystal clear instructions on how to live authentically and how to support those you are in relationship with to do the same.

While there are many ways to apply the wisdom of Human Design to help you make more conscious relationships, we want to share 3 tips to help you get started:

1. Always work on yourself first

The first and most important thing you can do to support your relationships is to focus on your own personal alignment and wellbeing. If you are out of alignment with your truth or have a lack of acceptance or understanding for who you are, you are already at a disadvantage in being able to support the people you love. If something is feeling triggering, challenging, or off in your relationship, the best place to look first is within. What stories do you have here? What limiting beliefs? What fear or lack of recognition is happening? Are you abandoning your Strategy and Authority and letting your mind run the show vs listening to your body? These are great questions to ask yourself to gain clarity around your own conditioning and personal alignment.

2. Intentionally speak to your partner with their Human Design Love language

Once you know your partner’s Human Design Energy Type, you can discover the specific form of support that is most meaningful to them. Support your Manifestor partner by honoring their need for freedom and alone time. Support your Generator partner by presenting options to them one at a time so they can select small options with their body’s primal responses. This response is vocalized as an immediate affirmative “uh-huh” or negative “un-uh.” This same tip goes for supporting your Manifesting Generator partner along with encouraging them to slow down and notice what is actually in front of them to respond to in this moment. Support your Projector partner by giving them meaningful compliments and words of affirmation. Lastly, give your Reflector partner support by helping them honor their alone time and connecting deeper to nature, specifically to the moon cycles. 

3. Hold space for the way your partner makes aligned decisions

Your decision-making process (your Authority) tells you exactly how you can make aligned decisions. The thing is, we all have different ways of choosing what is right for us. Approximately half of us are designed to make important life decisions in the moment, while the other half are designed to give themselves time. Knowing this about yourself and your partner is huge. If you are making a big decision together; Should we move? Should we take our relationship to the next level? The most supportive thing you can do is to hold space for your partner to find their own truth while you engage in your own process to do the same.

If you are new to Human Design, you can learn more about your Energy Type, decision making Authority, inherent gifts, and specific life purpose on our website or by listening to the DayLuna Human Design Podcast on your favorite podcasting app.

Human Design helps you to sit in the driver’s seat of your life and fully understand why you are here and how you can best support yourself and others. Are you ready to take your conscious relationships to the next level?

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