Breathing Exercises

5 Breathing Exercises to Increase Focus

Just like your muscles and organs need fuel, so does the brain. Working with the breath will help you find optimal brain performance and improve overall wellbeing. Here are 5 breathing exercises that in addition to improving mental focus, can add years to your life!

Wisdom from the Lama

We are very fortunate for the first time in history to have a Dalai Lama that is engaged with the world.  Forced to leave his country under persecution, the Dalai Lama has lived in exile for over 50 years.  Thi...
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All you need is Love

Love is typically not something that's easy to talk about.  The reason for this is that love can mean many different things to many people.  As humans, our experience of love is so profound that we use it to de...
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Achieving Peace of Mind

The consciousness is perhaps humanities most powerful ability - and perhaps the most misunderstood and underestimated.  People today are so focused on the material world and the "exterior" dimension that we oft...
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The beginning of everything

For our first post in the Conscious Living section lets begin with a simple exercise in expanding your mind.  Using only your current state of consciousness, become at one with the present moment.  Recognize th...