In today’s digitally saturated world, content is still king – but an overabundance of information has left people craving for something relevant, inspiring and useful. The modern day aspirational consumer has higher expectations than ever to connect with brands in a meaningful and authentic way. And while companies are designed to be moneymaking enterprises, the ones truly succeeding in our new economy are the ones which are adapting to meet social needs.

This presents a considerable challenge for executives, business owners and marketers to establish their brand’s purpose and align it with key business objectives driven by values-based marketing communications. That’s why we created our Content Marketing Accelerator Program — a turnkey integrated marketing solution to help businesses and brands like yours take their brand (and marketing) to the next level.

Our team of dedicated content creators understand the millennial values and speak to them directly through the pages of this magazine as well as other outlets such as The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. We know the type of content that resonates with your audience and can deliver it an ongoing, sequential fashion so that it delivers a measurable ROI. But first…

Why Content Marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) defines it as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content is how you communicate your brand to the world and acquire new customers. In the world of skipped ads, banner blindness and interruptive video, content marketing has emerged as the leading tactic for reaching prospects, securing customers and building brand advocates. Check out these stats from a 2016 CMI study:

  • Over 200 million people now use ad blockers, meaning consumers are tuning out traditional digital ads more than ever
  • Content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more site traffic than non-leaders
  • Content produces brand recall, which increases engagement which drives consumers to buy from you
  • While content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads
  • Firms utilizing content marketing drive conversion rates that are nearly six times higher than their competitors

Harnessing the Power of Content Marketing

Content marketing is clearly a winning strategy for growing your business. But not all content is created equal. True content marketing bridges the gap between what brands produce and what consumers actually want.

Therefore, the key to successful content marketing lies in your ability to add value to the consumer’s experience. With that also comes the strategic development of a relationship with your target audience over time. This is where our Content Marketing Accelerator Program comes in to deliver both the marketing strategy and the content needed to drive measurable ROI for your business.

Each applicant to this program will receive a FREE customized content marketing plan and distribution program designed to reach your target audience while moving them through a content marketing funnel. By taking this strategic approach, we are able to zero in on your business objectives and ensure efficient audience conversion.

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Here’s Everything You Get

Brand Purpose Workshop

Work with our team of marketing industry veterans to align on an overarching brand purpose designed to rally your employees and customers to achieve new levels of impact, service and, in turn, profitability. Includes a dedicated half day workshop with your team to uncover insights and create a brand purpose strategic plan.

Content Marketing Program Development

You will be provided with a customized content marketing plan outlining your strategy over the next six months. Within this plan we will include details on content creation, audience development, sales funneling and ROI-driven digital distribution.Work with our team of marketing industry veterans to align on an overarching brand purpose designed to rally your employees and customers to achieve new levels of impact, service and, in turn, profitability. Includes a dedicated half day workshop with your team to uncover insights and create a brand purpose strategic plan.

Advanced Sales Funnel Development

Our advanced sales funneling process is designed to build a campaign that delivers measurable business impact over a sustained period of time. We will provide you everything that’s needed for building a well optimized conversion funnel with KPIs aligned to each stage in the customer journey.

Digital Distribution Strategy & Execution

Our experts in digital distribution and content syndication provide a detailed media plan that encompasses the paid, earned, owned and shared media landscapes. Importantly, the media plan is tied directly to ROI and optimized for efficient sales conversions.

Monthly Marketing Metrics Report

Every month we produce a detailed marketing metrics report with everything you need to know on the performance of your campaign. Included is customized insights designed to inform your strategy moving forward.

Six (6) Conscious Connection Articles

A custom designed content miniseries in Conscious Connection is included with each program as a method to amplify your brand story to our target readership of cultural creatives. This includes three branded and three unbranded features designed to be complimentary to your messaging.

Ongoing Strategic Marketing Counsel

Your dedicated Chief Marketing Strategist will be providing ongoing counsel and strategic advisement related to both your campaign and internal marketing strategy.

Marketing Leadership by a Dedicated Industry Veteran

Hi there – my name is Anthony Chiaravallo. I’m the Publisher of Conscious Connection and Chief Strategist behind our Content Marketing Accelerator Program. I’ve spent the last decade running digital strategy and content marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 companies, iconic global brands and international non-profits.

For the first time ever, I’m bringing these strategies to you, my readers, by offering a select group of social business leaders access into a highly selective Content Marketing Accelerator Program. The aim of this program is to set your business on a path towards accelerating sustainable growth by leveraging the latest strategies in content marketing.

Strategy, Content Development, Social Media & More

All other online marketing programs I’ve encountered teach you how to your market your business, but very few actually do it for you. The Content Marketing Accelerator Program was designed to do both. We develop the marketing strategy with you, create all the content, launch the campaigns, optimize performance and report on results. We also work with you on your internal marketing strategy to ensure you’re capturing maximum value from our campaigns.

Our passionate team of digital marketers specialize in CSR communication, cause marketing and social impact campaigns that drive sustainable customer acquisition and long term value for your brand. Our focus on social impact marketing and the triple bottom line also ensures your business grows profitably while benefiting people and planet.

In fact, the Content Marketing Accelerator Program is like having your very own content marketing team — at a fraction of the cost. Each member is assigned a dedicated Chief Marketer, Editorial Director & Digital Strategist all working towards growing your impact, influence and income goals.

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Additional Integration Opportunities

Sponsored Social Media Campaign
Your program will also include a sponsored social media campaign across all Conscious Connection channels. This includes promoted posts for each of your six articles as well as audience retargeting and conversion optimization.

Email Marketing Campaign
Within your program is also an email marketing campaign to our subscriber base of over 15,000 cultural creatives. We will promote each article in our monthly newsletter as well as targeted ads driving to your campaign conversion page.

SEO Keyword Research + Integrations
Within each article we will include a dedicated SEO key phrase designed to provide a powerful backlink and enhance your own site’s appearance in organic search. We will also conduct the keyword research needed to inform our SEO content strategy.

Content Syndication Campaign
Included in this program is also a content syndication campaign which distributes your content across thousands of online premium publishers within contextually relevant environments. Our dedicated distribution partners ensures delivery in choice-based viewing environments.

Strategic Audience Development
As we curate and amplify your content, we’re doing so strategically in a way that not only increases reach, but establishes a pool of target consumers who have shown an interest in what you have to say. From there, we retarget these users throughout each stage in the online customer journey — from awareness and discovery to consideration, conversion and advocacy.

ROI-Driven Analytics 

Our customized approach to analytics emphasizes real-time data analysis to optimize our strategy in real time. Our reporting process is an ROI driven attribution model that centers on website goal completions and full funnel visibility. We measure success each step of the way with KPIs that correspond to each stage in your customer’s journey.

Business Intelligence 

We have a proprietary method of analyzing marketing data that feeds metrics from each aspect of your campaign into an integrated dashboard that measures ROI. We provide you with a comprehensive monthly report as well as key data insights to drive strategy moving forward.

Client Testimonials

“Working with Anthony is always a great experience, and it is a treat because he is so genuine and kind. Anthony is passionate about causes that matter and ways in which we can collectively improve this world, and has the right idea about how to market important programs and create content for maximum visibility. I and my clients have reaped the benefits of his work, especially at Conscious Connection!”
Silvie Snow-Thomas, Managing Director, Elle Communications 

“Anthony is a forward-thinking marketing strategist who utilizes cutting edge rapid digital experimentation to develop data-driven marketing systems. Under his leadership, we successfully reversed our declining donor base trend and more than doubled collections from the previous year. His vision and enthusiasm has a way of inspiring those around him to reach new heights and work together towards a common goal.”
–Paul Ruddy, CIO Central Jersey Blood Center

“It is my sincere pleasure to provide this recommendation for Anthony and Conscious Connection Magazine. We worked together on a marketing program for Vermont Woods Studios with the goal of fostering brand awareness with our target market of eco-conscious consumers and found his magazine to be beautiful, engaging and impressive in its goals to change the world. Anthony worked with us at length to gain a thorough understanding of our company, our customers and our green mission to eloquently develop a content marketing program that drove impact and measurable ROI.
–Peggy Farabaugh, Owner Vermont Woods Studios

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