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Living The Big Picture

Our magazine is committed to catalyzing an evolution in consciousness and culture.  We do this by providing you, our sophisticated reader, with mind expanding editorial content you can't find anywhere else.  In...
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Purpose in the Present

The purpose to living is the recognize the power and peace existing within in the present moment. You hold the key to the universe by recognizing the truth inherent within the timelessness eternity of the universal NOW.

Living with Grace

To Live with Grace means to accept the love within the present moment.  There is a woman I work with at the local seafood restaurant who is a true inspiration.  It is likely no coincidence that her name is Grac...
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Green Compassion

            When considering the newly emerging “Green” movement in our society today, it is important to become aware of not only our impact on the planet, but also our impact on each other.  The concept of Gr...
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Awaken to life on Gaia

Many people today take for granted the fact that we are living on an organism that is more than 4.5 billion years old.  We have become so accustomed to life here on Mother Earth that we don't realize just how p...
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All you need is Love

Love is typically not something that's easy to talk about.  The reason for this is that love can mean many different things to many people.  As humans, our experience of love is so profound that we use it to de...
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On the nature of dreams

Now, there has been much conjecture throughout human history concerning the nature of dreams.  The odd phenomenon involving strange experiences we perceive while sleeping has intrigued scholars and philosophers...
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Make the "Conscious Connection"

Our blog community is committed to catalyzing an evolution and "shift" in consciousness.  But what exactly does this mean?  A shift in consciousness is ultimately just a change in the way we perceive the world ...
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The beginning of everything

For our first post in the Conscious Living section lets begin with a simple exercise in expanding your mind.  Using only your current state of consciousness, become at one with the present moment.  Recognize th...