Our Wellness column features articles from leading experts in the areas of mindfulness, nutrition and personal growth.

Pursuit of Happiness

Five Traps to Avoid in the Pursuit of Happiness

Our Declaration of Independence states that we are all created equal and enjoy the rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” The sad joke here is that the “pursuit of happiness” almost never leads to lasting happiness. Eli Jaxon-Bear describes the five traps to avoid in the pursuit of happiness.
Breathing Exercises

5 Breathing Exercises to Increase Focus

Just like your muscles and organs need fuel, so does the brain. Working with the breath will help you find optimal brain performance and improve overall wellbeing. Here are 5 breathing exercises that in addition to improving mental focus, can add years to your life!

The Anatomy Of A Smile

Matt Kahn, author of the new book Everything Is Here to Help You, describes why a simple smile is one of his favorite lifelong spiritual practices.
Boardroom to Bali

One Man’s Journey from the Boardroom to Bali and Back

The former CEO of Take Two Interactive, Ben Feder’s hard charging, high-performance business life was seriously impacting his personal and family health. That’s when he made the potentially career-ending decision to travel with his family to Bali on an eight-month sabbatical.

5 Ways To Practice Self-Care

Self-care is identifying your own needs and taking the initiative to meet them and nurture yourself. It’s about treating yourself as kindly as you would treat others. Practicing self-care starts with recognizing yourself as a worthwhile person and believing that you are valuable, competent and deserving.