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Dock Artisan Wooden iPhone Chargers

Dock Artisan: Sustainable Wooden iPhone Chargers

California Artisans Give New Life to Wood, Leather and Metal. Dock Artisan is the kind of company that understands the value of hand-crafted products which support a sustainable future. They create iPhone chargers and accessories made from sustainably harvested wood which they gather from nearby California forests and beaches.
Sustainable Woods

The Best Green is Brown: Why Sustainable Wood Is Good

When it comes to sustainable choices, there is sometimes a misconception that avoiding wood products is a good thing to do. Not so. While deforestation is a significant problem that must be addressed through more careful sourcing, there is almost nothing better than long-lasting products using solid wood from well managed forests.
Barry Dixon Conscious Designer

Earth Conscious Design with Barry Dixon

Successful conscious design emanates a feeling, not just a look. It must also have a basis in nature, as our inner space is best expressed as a reflection of the natural world outside. This is the philosophy of Barry Dixon, a nationally recognized earth conscious designer based out of the Virginia Countryside.