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FLOS Kelvin LED Green Mode

FLOS Kelvin LED Green: Sustainable Home Lighting

A cultural creative's work space is where all the magic happens. It's where new business ideas and creative concepts can take shape and evolve into something amazing. As such, it's vitally important this space be conducive to the creative process, while also serving as a highly functional and productive work station. Your creative home work space is also only as good as the light which illuminates it.

Funky Chunks Organic Soap

Funky Chunks Soap Co. is the happiest soap on the planet. Their handmade organic soaps are all the rage with a new generation of eco-hipsters living the island lifestyle here at the Jersey Shore and beyond. We had a chance to try out some of their most popular soaps such as Jersey Devil, Dirty Boy and Surf Wax.
Urban Organic Garden

Space Conscious Gardening Tips

We can get the most out of time as well as space by using methods that lengthen the growing season. Successive planting will keep the garden productive throughout most of the year. Building a simple and portable greenhouse can add three months of food harvesting to the year. Various cooling strategies in hot weather and warming strategies in cold weather can also extend the harvest.