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Jay Alders: Surf Lifestyle Artist

Heralded as the “Best Surf Artist of the Past Decade,” Jay Alders is an artist, globetrotter and Father-to-be who sat down with Conscious Connection to share his art, his connection with life and his advice for...
creative self

Meet Your Creative Self

Is Your Creative Life Spontaneous or Planned? What does it take to have a creative lifestyle? A recent study found that only one in four people believe they are living up to their creative potential. I’ve had...

Biography of a Soul Surfer

Surfers engage nature in such an intimate way that very few people have access to. Is it any wonder so many speak of surfing being a spiritual experience? Especially at times of good surf in beautiful surroundings.

Karma Free Sex

Sex. What a compelling topic! As a spiritual teacher, whether I’m giving a lecture or leading a retreat, whenever the subject comes up, a very particular form of focused attention immediately takes over the ro...