Eco Travel

The Conscious Connection Eco-Travel Column is devoted to providing reviews of the best trips for cultural creatives. This includes volun-tourism, ocean conservation, mountain protection, spiritual retreats and many other adventure destinations around the world.

Surf Costa Adventure Tours

As Conscious Connection concluded our Costa Rican travel tour, we finally ended in the spectacular area of Esterillos and Playa Puntarenas located within twenty minutes of Hermosa and the big nightlife destination of Jaco.

Alison Teal: Eco Adventurer

Alison Teal is a surfer, filmmaker, world traveler and star of Discovery Channel’s hit show, Naked and Afraid. While most kids grew up taking the bus to school, Alison hiked 17,000 feet to her school in the Himalayas and her adventures only grew taller from there.
John Rose Waves for Water

Jon Rose: Waves for Water

Do what you love and help along the way. This is the philosophy of Jon Rose, pro-surfer and founder of Waves for Water. He's devoted his life to living the ultimate surf lifestyle while bringing clean water to those in need across the globe. Intrigued by his great work, we had to know more.